Jul24 wed

6.12 an heard a sound, he, green or someone, let me know he’s here. 

6.48 heard slight noise I’m upstairs. Don’t know where it is but sounds like the side of house when he got in the kitchen window before. 

7.am hearing more sounds I’m in kitchen. Sounds like something opening very slowly. Cannot tell if it’s a window or back door. 

7.06 sounds stopped momentarily then picked up again. Board still under back door. Garlic oil on doorknob on door at stairway leads to back door and basement where greens been putting it quite awhile. He knows I have to do laundry cat peed on a blanket. He’s trying to get me angry and crazy. 

7.12am seems noises stopped after I opened the doors. Waiting to hear more sounds. Perhaps he was trying to get in the back. He must have, even with the board under the knob, I had butter knife in the frame before going across door but when I used the door the other day, roomie couldn’t find knife and believes boards sufficient. Yet the storm has been pulled away more yesterday.

7.17 no more sounds. Wonder if he drove by already. Or if he’s still around being quiet. 

7.23 I’m on porch and heard slight sound. I know it’s not the cats. When neighbor comes in morning to feed the cats and check his property, there’s a lot of racket. I remember before saying this to green, that it sounds inside my house. He said it was me. So when neighbors here greens messing with my house or trying to exit. Or enter if I’m awake. His posse would tell him when my neighbors on his way. I’m sure he’s being stalked too. Doesn’t know it. I just realized it. A vehicle will follow a short distance, pull off and another will come behind. Too many to keep track of. I know one truck that doesn’t seem to be greens. Looks like one parked on corner of lab. and ten.

8.11am sounds like someone’s walking around, or maybe trying to get in. Idk. Something’s going on. 

8.34 more noises. Trying to id, is it walking or trying to get back inside. 

My eyes are slow, I can’t id drivers going past my house. Mustang just went by seems it’s same grey one I saw the other day. A work truck was following. I didn’t look out to see what they did at the corner of lab. Even though I couldn’t see the driver, I did see ballcap and heavy white arm. Can’t positively say it was green but I think it is. He’s not wearing makeup atm. 

Garlic oil on crucifix. 

Slept on couch last night. Have pain in my hips, equilibrium off almost fell a few times, knees and feet hurting, forearms to fingers are tingling and painful. How much longer before something happens to him. Lower back painful. I wondered before why sleeping on the couch caused me pain now that I know he is able to get in somehow it makes sense. 

Trouble breathing, bendings painful to breathe. Neck pained and swollen when I move it. 

Stomach hurts. The fold above stomach seems larger and a little painful to bend while sitting. Sides of stomach aching where I’ve seen some hand marks in the past. How could I not know that wasn’t natural? 

I’m tired and lethargic and very irritable. Having difficulty staying focused and doing tasks. I feel foggy in my brain. Last few days I’ve noticed when I throw something in the air to catch it, my reflexes are off. I do this to test them now. I can tell the bad blood has entered my brain from the strangles, or when it hasn’t yet made it because I can catch. Just tested again, I’m off. 

For some reason the fear of him has come back. I cannot be afraid. I have to be able to be strong. More than likely under hypnotics he’s been telling me to fear him. I have to work a good portion of the day to undo it.

My hands are shaking. Idk if it’s fear, from being strangled, drugs, etc. 

Difficulty focusing my eyes. 

Tmi-defecation painful. 

Urgency to urinate. 

Face swollen, eyes swollen. My face looks like it did in December. There’s a photo on FB. Can’t really put a photo here as I don’t want my whole face to show. 

Arches very painful, getting difficult to stand. Toes are swollen, heels beginning to hurt. 

Feeling nauseated, light headed. 

Did laundry, cleaned a pocket I know I had over $300.00, found only $100.00 and a 5, 3 ones. $8.00. few weeks ago I left money on my dresser, could have sworn there was more, and I found 100.00, a 5, and 3 ones. 8. I’m #8.  I didn’t think he’d take that little amount. I was trying to save at least a grand to take with me up north for my dad to put away for me, and green probably knows I’m trying to save money to move. I talked about it alot.  This is ridiculous. He’s trying to keep me in this area. I really didn’t think he’d take a few hundred! And because he left me 8, I know it was green and he wants me to know it’s him. And, if I tell the PD, or my family, they wouldn’t believe it. 

Oil was on and inside all dishes and glasses in the sink. Greens been targeting my roomies glass for awhile, it’s small and can’t get anything inside to clean them. 

More insulation all over my laundry, oily cotton. Oily cotton look like dust bunnies all over everything again. Tables, items, floor, etc. 

7.33 am head beginning to hurt and eyes growing extremely painful. Worried my roomie had to have been drugged like me. His health in jeopardy. He’s also having pains. He works though, but I’m of course suspicious of his pains and he sometimes wonders too. I told him to leave for his health. Especially now we know we’re dealing with a gang. Smh.

This seems so unreal. Roomie knew in his gut others were involved. I couldn’t believe it. Why would I be stalked by a group? Well, lt. Spiders been in a gang for a long time. He joined in the early 90’s I remember talking to him about it when he was in my room and I thought I was someplace else. I actually talked him into it! I thought he was someone else and lived in Detroit, and I had been in the punk rock scene and knew folks in gangs and in some areas it’s good to be in one for protection. Sigh. I didn’t know then, what you had to do to be in a gang and maintain. I know of people who left the Nazi gangs and though threatened, their friends helped them hide. The ones I knew of made it without fatalities. Of all people, and of all things stupid I could have suggested, why did he listen to me? Just a side note-detroits punk/skin scene was very different from other areas. We hung out at the same clubs, got along. Unlike la, Chicago, etc. Where the skins would pick fights with punks and we wouldn’t be in the same place as they.  I mostly hung out with my friends from this area and some independent skins who aren’t racist. Not all skins are Nazis. I hung out with dangerous people and never even thought about it until now. 

7.39 getting extremely itchy on my face and neck. Wringing hands. They are so swollen, can barely see knuckles. 

Ears ringing a bit, more off than on thank God. Seeing spots when I shut my eyes. 

Noticed last night next door neighbors security light going on a lot. I put screws in the dining room windows that are next to their yard, but I feel like green was there. Maybe drugging us through the air conditioner? Of course by the time we go out and look he’s hiding someplace or gone. So we just don’t. The doors are so noisy it tips him off he can run, hide and we can’t hear it because of the doors. 

Front porch storm door is sticking at the bottom again. Roomie keeps fixing it. I noticed yesterday washing the window there’s cracks in it. 

My coffee cup that was soaking in a mix of vinegar and soap in a bowl in the sink is oily. It smells like food, and difficult to get off my hands. No one cooked with oil, and this too is common. It’s a little difficult to get off my hands. 

Wondering about mustang. Whose name is it in? Or is it being stolen from someone to be used for crimes or drug deals, like he stole mine. 

Wish my neighbors believed me and I had some backup. 

My neighbor kp told me beneath his window the paints cracking. Doesn’t surprise me. Why would green go there? Pain meds, marijuana, and a woman’s living there. 

I think greens been removing caulk from around the window glass to try to get in from there. Idk how he’d replace the glass, it’s not easy. Plus he broke the windows, there’s a hole in one and cracks, other windows are cracked that are off the porch. He actually admitted once again he broke my windows. Also some br windows are cracked. 

Looks like greens been trying to use the windows off the porch. Gutsy when roomie sleeps on couch right in front of them. He’d have to use a lot of drugs on roomie. 

Idk where this came from or when this screw was put in the frame. I surely didn’t do this. Look how it cracked the wood frame. I did examine these windows before and didn’t notice the screw.
Oil, dirt and cotton on the lock. Cotton doesn’t show up in picture. You can see the dirt on the lock though, and it’s getting rusty looking already. He put that on the lock to throw me off, make me think he didn’t get in through here. That’s something I would do! Doesn’t look tampered but to me, it screams green used this window.
Can kind of see the dirt on this lock. Beneath are scrape marks from whatever he’s using to put under the window and open the latch. I wonder how long this takes. Both these window sashes don’t meet up like they did before when I checked them. Smells of garlic oil too. Also a bit of a dirty fingerprint underneath. No one can lift it though since it’s on wood. It’s a tease by green.
Window off porch by stairway also has scrapes along the wood. All my old lock handles like this are busted. And yes, once again, green admitted he broke them. He really wanted me to know he’s been getting in. Idk why…..I wouldn’t tell you if I were twisted to do such things. But, for some reason he told me, and many times at that.

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