day 297

My days really are interesting. I went swimming yesterday and stopped for a coffee on the way home. Like I have not done that a single time in the last month or so. But I do not mind it actually. Another thing I like doing is going to the library to read. I can’t make myself read at home and if I do not feel like going all the way to the river I go to the library. It is nice and cool and (most importantly) quiet so I can concentrate.

Another thing I am into recently is foreign music. As I have mentioned before I currently like everything and anything japanese, and music is no exception. There are a bunch of bands (and single artists) I like. Examples: Aimer, Babymetal, Gesu no kiwami otome, Lelle, Lucie too, Radwimps, No buses, She is summer, Three1989, Yorushika and a few others. But it it not only japanese music. I also listen to italian musicians. Okay, mostly Gazzelle, but there are some others as well, like Lo stato sociale and some old Eurovision contestants – Marco Megnoni and Il volo. I want to explore more foreign music (german, french, spanish…) because I think there are many great artists out there who do not get international recognition they deserve only because they do not sing in english.



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