Jul25 thurs pics of feet, white on nose

8.00am greens grey or beige truck with white cap went by, driver tried to keep us from id turning toward opposite direction of us. While the driver was coming out of the alley i noticed a white cap on his head. Passing front of house I saw no cap. 

8.55 am grey car, no plate drive past. Can’t id anything except it’s a newer model, 2 lights where plates should be. Lights on either side. Wasn’t paying much attention. This is bugging me, my attention span is become limited, I’m not listening for vehicles as I think I should be. 

10.15 am hearing unusual sounds, someone’s walking. Roomies on couch I’m in kitchen. Sounds like it’s above me but heck I always thought it was above yet here he’s been coming through kitchen all this time.

2.30-3pm in this time frame spotted black truck seemingly following on frt. I turned into the Auto zone and truck hurriedly turned down the street just before. It seemed suspicious, looked like greens black truck. No positive id. I’ve been trying to remember to turn off my phone so if he can track me on it then it makes it more difficult. Some folks have said I may have a device on my car, idk. It’s just too CIA. Then so is him getting in with nails in windows. Smh. 

5.30-6pm green drove down alley looking at me. He had a grey moustache. He put his fingers to his lips and let go, sort of a kiss? Wonder what I said to him last night under the influence of drugs. Honestly, atm a feel love for him. What happened? How did he bamboozle me. 

 Woke up with back pain, neck pain, nightgown I put on a pillow was under me. Face drawn on phone screen, rather than my usual prints all over the texting portion. 

Panties were stretched and 1/2 on. 

All basement doors were wide open. Roomie is certain to close them. A solar panel from old light that was on kitchen chair was in the middle of the floor. 

I was hoping to not have anything to write about this morning. I put screws in all the windows but 2. I did hear him creeping around last night but since he couldn’t get in i read my Bible and went to sleep. There were only a few slight sounds, from outside. 

Roomie said he heard a thump last night, thought it was cat, listened and fell back asleep. Sigh. That thump was him. Where he came in is beyond me. Can’t outwit a narcissist. 

Roomie also says he notices stuff in the basement but didn’t elaborate. He’s tired of this crap. I’m always obsessing over everything, it’s difficult not to as I see things, hear things all day long. 

My phone case was loose again this morning and there are new cuts in the protective glass cover, there’s a face drawn on it at the bottom right. 

Garlic oil on crucifix around my neck. 

My bra has been stretched out again, especially around the cups to stick out and not support. This particular one I purchased to wear with my good dress I wear to weddings, etc. Back when I bought it I mentioned I have a good one to wear, that I only wore with that dress at the time. He said no you don’t. And it didn’t fit me right when I went to the wedding, none of my bras fit right. Setting pattern. The dress didn’t fit right either. It’s been stretched like all my clothes. 

Bootsie my cat was at the basement door, like someone was around that area. I haven’t seen the cats do that in awhile, and I had just shut all the doors after clearing the basement. It keeps going through my mind when green told me a few times I had walked right past him when I didn’t know he was getting into my house and we were friends. I heard something that made me check out the basement. How was he able to get inside last night? 

Tmi-loose stool normal size. 

Starting to feel nauseated, my stomach area seems larger than yesterday. Weird I know and unbelievable, he told me he wants me to look like him, with big gut. I’m very bloated. 

Beginning to get headache, 8.55 am. Woke at 7.00

Went inside, someone drove by and threw a cup at my curb. Now, in front of homes with debri, there’s damage to the home. People have patches on their roof or shingles pulled, steps have holes in the mortar, siding is scraped, gutters look wonky, holes are in the wood around gutters at the corners. Siding pulled away, foundation damage, windows may be oiled, etc. Another one of his groups Mo’s. He did brag about doing this to me and others when I complained to him about this. 

Feeling very tired, don’t want to do anything. Hard to stay motivated. Dear lord when will this end? I feel it’s a physical rather than mental, though I know I’ve got to be suffering depression too. That’s a given. I still have marks around my neck.

All my toes hurt 

Under my nose there’s a white line from nostril to nostril. I catch it in certain lighting conditions. This time I took a photo of it. Idk what it is, some sort of tattoo? Also note the marks on my chin, it’s just weird. I have little depressions around it making me look so much older. And stretch marks?
Skin around toe is rough and along the side it looks like it was cut, not deep enough to bleed. Nail looks cut as well. I had a few docs over the years tell me my nails look like someone cut them on purpose because of lines and depressions in the nail. This big toe left ft. Is always being crushed somehow so the nail digs into my skin. I only trimmed nails on this foot, my right foot atm isn’t as bad.
Can you see white lines of skin on my toes? Earlier the toes were flat like someone crushed them. It hurts to touch them, especially a little pressure on the nails. My right foot does have some of this going on but not as bad. Seems like he’s trying to club my toes again, both 3rd toes are bent and a little under the 2nd toes. They feel weird to try to move. Back when I was still talking to him I taped cotton to my toes to separate them and it would disappear. He claimed he did that.

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