Fri jul 26

6.30 am woke, the Band-Aids and cotton I put between my left and right 3rd toes was off. My wrists hurt and are tingling, my toes hurt and bottoms of feet. Back hurting. He’s been working on giving me rhumatoid arthritis by cracking all of my joints. How can I ever prove this? Even my jaw, my neck, everything.

8.15 seems noises stopped? Or he’s being still? 

10.12 still hearing movement. Where is he? 

10.24 still hearing sounds. Haven’t seen green drive by, haven’t been able to pay much attention. I’m so sleepy and mind isn’t working. Pain around neck especially under my face. My veins have popped out again, I wonder if frequent non-fatal strangle/smothering does that? I didn’t read anything about it. 

11.22 am saw greens grey and white truck pass me on Jeff. He was coming out of wyan. I was heading that way. 

Just before that, as I was traveling SF. From home I noticed old red truck that I believe I’ve seen a few times in greens caravan, he was behind me. I pulled over, let him pass and followed him. He weaved in and out of streets. I persisted. Now, I’m thinking if your not up to something why do that? I tried to get good look at him, he finally pulled over. Couldn’t memorize plate#  he’s blonde, very short hair, thin and was looking down at his phone or something when I passed. He seemed to try to hide his face. There was a woman in the car, thin and light brown hair. 

Not knowing for certain if I’m being followed, I weaved through streets when I thought someone was following me. Just having a little fun with these guys. Let them wonder where I am, what I’m doing. Idk if they can track my car but I turn off my phone when I’m in the car. 

1.30ishpm. walked from Drs office, pretended to go to another establishment as vehicles were on the road. Happens a black truck similar to greens was at the light on Penn. When he caught sight of me, turned on Gul. He had no turn signal. So I found my car, I’m sure I was made if it were him. Weaved in and out of streets. Happens at the establishment I drove to, a Man in red truck, lt blue ballcap, blue eyes, blonde very short hair, thin was in lot. Had handicap sign on mirror. I looked at him, smiled, and he laughed. I did same. Idk if he’s one of the gang but seems suspicious the way he laughed. Maybe I was made, maybe not. If he’s one of them he’s getting a kick out of my trying to evade a bunch of people. Here I sit, contemplating my situation. This sounds soooo crazy!

4.40pm Roomie walk home from work, one of greens crew was eyeballing my house and rubbernecking. White, reddish brown scraggly beard, unkept looking beard and moustache, red truck, looking at my house and roomie happened to be on other side of street and got in front of the truck. Truck stopped in front of house 2 doors down, roomie challenged him motioning, guy took off. 

8.50 greens girl? Whoever the long browned hair woman lives with him left in blue odyssey van. 

9.05 green came out of house in black, girdle on. He went to front yard so I can see him. 

9.09 girl came back. I didn’t see if she had anything in her hand. Usually she opens the back of the van and takes a purse or small package. I was unable to see anything as I was trying to see green. I think he’s watching us to see when we go inside so he can try to get in. 

Roomie says cats got sick around 2am and 5, and they were fighting. The drugs he sprays makes them fight and get sick. He makes them sick with noise and tormenting them. 

Tt my friend Jan today, she’s couphing badly again. I asked her to check herself for neck swelling. I know she’s victim, she’s had marks on her neck in the past. 

Green can’t stand I’m independent, he wants me to be dependent. Recalling convo with him, I said I have to try to stay in good health (at the time I was so sick every day, in some pain but couldn’t feel it all because he had me on painkillers, of course strangled, smothered and having so much difficulty) i don’t have anyone to take care of me and I don’t want to end up in nursing home. He said I’ll take care of you. I said you don’t even take care of yourself. Has this been his plan all along? That’s my greatest fear as I grow older. He’s had to know this all the years he’s been abusing me and talking to me when I was on rape poisons and other stuff he forced on me. He wants whatever money he can get from me to ultimately control me, and feed his habits. These chemicals cannot be cheap. He has other victims. 

Garlic on my crucifix. 

Some garbage on floor. 

Basement door open. I know roomies sure to close it, don’t want cats down there. He’s trying to get me to blame roomie however roomies been here long time and I know better. 

Been hearing sounds since I was awake. He’s here, or someone is. 

Hands getting numb while I’m typing. 

Labored breathing. Throat burning. Seeing spots. 

At 8.24 after taking out garbage I feel someone’s sitting on my chest. I’m not couphing much though, like I used to. This is puzzling. 

Left knee giving out. Not as painful as rt knee but putting a little pressure on it, I feel pain. 

Hands haven’t felt as dry, in fact for the past week I could feel the lotion or Vaseline I out on them at night. They are incredibly wrinkly again. Have been for awhile, they were clearing up. 

The area between my thighs and buttocks painful. I can feel pain in my clavicil bone. Dr. Muhammad told me years ago someone’s splitting my buttocks. Green told me he was creating cleavage, he lives how he can slide right in. It sounds so bizarre and unreal. 

My rt knee is burning, I can feel where the flat tool he uses on knees has been. When it’s not swollen I can see a depression and redness where that tool was. All the years this was happening and I never knew it. Even when green told me, and the Dr. Told me. 

Recall green said he has 8 kids, and some of the mothers didn’t know they were his. How to prove this? 

Roomie was upset with me yesterday because it took so long for me to get ready. I explained to him from the strangling and smothering, lack of oxygen, I will be like this for at least a month providing green keeps his hands off me. We know that’s not going to happen. I feel like I’m under water. Difficulty focusing. Need to see eye doc again. It’s so hard to get motivated to do anything. I just want to sleep. 

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