Sat jul. 27, nail pics

6.30 am woke, hearing noises again. 7.46 still hearing someone. 

Ears were ringing when I was laying on my back. I took a prescription arthritis pill last night so pain is minimal atm, but I usually don’t start feeling it for a few hrs. After I wake. I’m nauseated. My stomach is bloated and seems larger than it was yesterday. My head beginning to feel tingly. 7.49. my fb threat to post his vehicles if he stepped foot on my property mute. 

7.50 hearing more sounds. 

8.29 green drove past in black truck, wearing girdle, no moustache, light colored clothing and white hat. Shirt was tan, has motiff on it. I’m still hearing slight sounds in the house. Sounds continued for a few hours. 

12.30ish pm in shower, the air conditioner upstairs went off. I turned it back on in a few minutes it went off again. I was heading sounds of someone when I got out of the shower. Seems someone want me to know they are here, as this situation is repetitive most days. The whole power strip went out as is normal when someone wants my attention. 

1.58 pm grey van with blue medical insignia on left back drove past. Couldn’t make driver, he was wearing orange shirt, large person, and had a ring on he seemed to want me to see, as he had his hand kind of stretched toward passenger side. I’ve seen this van many times in the past. Dear lord is it green trying to show me the ring he believes is his wedding ring to me? I did just tell him when the air went out that I love him but I can’t put up with his abuse. And I won’t talk to him anymore, he has to talk to me. 

2.01 greens Jeep went by with different driver. Scraggly looking goatee, thin, brown hair is all I could make. Jeeps black with rivets on wheel wells. I didn’t see a plate on it.  It’s an army looking traditional style jeep. He showed it to me once, years ago. I’ve seen it go past recently, a few times. 

Seems I may have stirred the nest. I think they’re looking to see where I am. Not certain. I’m on the porch. 

3.00pm green drove down alley in black z27 pickup wearing same clothes as earlier, tan shirt, sans girdle. Black short wig, black moustache white hat. Wondering if he were driving the grey van earlier.  He changes quickly, clothes and vehicles. He may have someone drive a vehicle to nearby location so he can get to it quickly. 

  5.00 am roomie on his way to work, he saw headlights behind him. He was walking in the street and got on sidewalk.  He had 3 houses to walk until he hit the corner, and vehicle never passed him. He walked quickly to turn the corner and 1/2 up lab. To eight; he finally saw a mid-size SUV. It was still dark so he couldn’t make it out. The vehicle turned the opposite direction on lab. He wondered if it were green or one of his gang watching him for green to break in. I know he was here when I woke up. I wonder if green or someone got inside before roomie left for work. 

My face is burning after showering. I’m getting more acne on my back again, some on my face. My neck feels bumpy. I know in the past he rubbed dirt into my face really hard, opened the pores and caused acne. My pores were starting to look normal about 2-3 weeks after I came from the shelter but now they are large again and there seems to be more depressions in my face. This guy is so sick and twisted. 

My female cat is upstairs, only for the past 2 days since I’ve been home from the shelter since March has she climbed the steps to sleep in a bedroom. I’m thinking she’s afraid and trying to hide. Idk what he does to my cats, I only know about gluing their waste to their behinds, and giving them mats in their fur. When he was using kitchen window she stayed downstairs with roomie. Vet said some years ago she’s developed arthritis, is he harming them like he is me? 

He’s got to be coming in through a basement window. We see no signs, but it’s not unusual. We just don’t know exactly what to look for. 

There’s new marks on my screen protector, another angry looking face on top of screen. Many more scratches. 

Tmi-loose stool. Throat hurts. Tired, again I just don’t want to do anything. This isn’t me, I used to always move around doing something. Whatever he’s giving me and doing to my body is making me lethargic. I know he cracks my joints almost every night, my knees look like softballs. He’s actually giving me rhumatoid arthritis, the most painful and debilitating. 

My ankles to toes are feeling like they’re falling asleep. 

Back beginning to hurt. I feel weak again. 

Cuts in my big toe nails. Left one looks like he’s trying to take off the nail from the skin, see the line going across? Also there’s little cuts above it to weaken the nail. It has been hurting, he’s always after this toe. All my toenails are being cut from top to bottom. Even my fingers are like this.

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