day 300

My plans were once again ruined my rain. I was about to go to the river after lunch, but it looked like rain was only minutes away, so I decided to visit grandpa and wait for the weather to decide what will it do. Eventually it got clearer and I went to the river. I decided not to swim, but only read on the shore. But after half an hour a storm came by and it started pouring down. Luckily I was sitting under some trees and remained completely dry. As quickly as it came, the rain passed over. I moved myself to the bar, under a roof, and had a coffee. I returned home pretty disappointed. I hate this kind of weather the most – not clear, but not raining either. Overcast with light rain and occasional glimpses of sun. And when you expect the weather improved a storm starts.

There is an open air cinema in the town every summer. For a week or so, they play a movie each evening. Yesterday Rocketman was on schedule and I was looking forward to seeing it (the only movie I wanted to see this year). At nine, when the movie started it was cloudy, like it was the whole day, but after an hour it started raining and the movie had to be stopped. Rain ruined yet another thing yesterday. There is no information if the movie will be played again some other day, but my hopes for another screening are not very high.

My brother goes on holidays with his friends on monday and I will replace him at his job. Next week and a couple of days after that I will be working at the hamburger place. So at least I will get some work done this summer.


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