day 301

I am starting to get bored. I knew not having a summer job and being free all the time would get boring eventually and I think this time is slowly starting. There is nothing for me to do but swimming and going to the river. But that takes up a couple of hours of my day, while I still have nothing to do the remaining time. I am bored of video games, of movies and shows, of sitting at home, of cycling around town. I am bored of everything. And it is not only activities I have had enough of, it’s people as well. I am fed up of seeing my family all the fucking time. We spend so much time together and I am getting annoyed even just looking at them. There is this non-stop bickering and SO many unnecessary words being said (because they can’t communicate with each other very well). Although august will probably be better. First, my brother goes on holidays so I will not be seeing him for a week or so, and then my parents are going away for a week (I will join them on holidays with a week delay). And after that, I will finally be on my way to Lithuania. I can’t wait to get away from everyone, from everything. I really feel like going there will be refreshing. A new beginning. Something I desperately need and something I will truly enjoy.



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