Mon jul 29 foot pics, cuts in lips

6.45 am hearing noises when I got up. 

7.38 still hearing movement.

8.15 am seems movement stopped. 

11.40ish saw black z27 drive past me on dix. As I walked in to my therapist appt. Had a little rust on passenger side.  I thought I was being tailed by a woman in a silver jeep prior, she was  on my  tail from freeway to dix,  followed from dix exit to just past northline. I was going to take that exact route and meander through side streets but she put blinker on so I headed straight. Unsure if she was following, but she was so close and such a distance to drive I thought so. Have to keep eye out for silver jeep. If I’m correct and it was greens z27 he kept a few minutes behind as usual. Maybe he wanted me to see him. 

There are a lot of people in this gang downriver. I see a lot of dark blue bandanas. They are sargents. Lt blue are lowest members. Tan and green are luitenents. I don’t know what others are. 

All day there’s been a bright blue station wagon driving down the street. I saw passenger give gang sign to the rental 3 

Couldn’t wake up to alarm it went off 5 minutes before I stirred. Good my cat came to wake me when I began moving, and tried to go back to sleep. I always feel drugged in the morning. 

Face swollen, eyes tearing when I was in bed. My toes hurt when I walk. Back is screaming at me. My eyelids hurt to touch them. Everything’s swelled, stomach, arms, legs, etc. 

When I flossed last night my gums bled. Yesterday I could feel where the dental tool had been in my gums, there was sharp pains when I was brushing. 

Remembering doc visit, probably he didn’t chart it, but my last knee exray was in 2014, negative for arthritis. To have osteo show up on both knees at the same time in short time….he didn’t finish his sentence.

Neck hurts. Garlic oil on crucifix. My crucifix for about a week has been on my back. I sleep on my stomach. Eh could turn in my sleep. Wish I had chain when I was in shelter I’d know for sure. 

9.00 am head feels like I was hit with something across forehead and eyes. Very painful. Also beginning to feel burning on my lips. There’s a little purple where he hit me or maybe cut me. I wore lipstick to bed, the type that doesn’t wear off. Seems it didn’t stay on, there’s some so I don’t think he kissed me. 

Garlic smell in my room. 

My pillow was turned the last several nights. I have the open end facing the middle, and the pillowcase is huge, i tuck it under the pillow. Wake up and the pillow is opposite direction, pillow exposed. It’s the one thing I’ve been able to keep in order until now, I can’t anything else. He doesn’t need to leave me a sign he’s been in my bed. Does he think I wouldn’t notice the pain. 

Equilibrium off. Nauseated. Surprised I’m feeling so much pain now usually it takes awhile for the drugs to wear off. I may be in for some big hurt in a few hours. 

I’ve been able to eat broccoli and cauliflower, I’m thinking ghb caused phoney ibs. I do not have ibs. I thought I had it and gerd. Combo of drugs, strangulation I believe. Suffocation too? 

Tmi-diarrhea again. 

Seems he worked my baby and middle toes the most. My knees are giving out, thighs are weak (worse yesterday) and painful. 

I have hard skin on my toes and some on my hands, the joints are enlarged. The hard skin is also very dry. I haven’t had this in awhile. My skin was clearing nicely. Knuckles are red, baby toes and along side of them are red. Both big toes have red at joints and going downward into foot. 

Neck beginning to swell. Back and sides of neck hurt. Shoulders hurt like he did a Spock thing on me.

Feeling weak, little difficult to breathe, hard phlem, runny nose. 

Just the air conditioner upstairs was off @8.50 am. Power strip was on this time. There’s fine dirt on strip and plugs, just air and fan are plugged in. I heard some sounds, went to clear basement, found dryer sheet on floor by the door I know roomie didn’t do that, heard some steps, cats also running around. I only locked front door I didn’t put dresser in front of it. Seems noises ceased. I think he got out the front door. Maybe could have caught him if I thought fast enouph. Brain much slower these days. 

Cats are sick. Not furballs. 

My rt knee over my left, it feels like someone hit it with something along interior bone. How to prove it…..

Seems he slightly cut my brows to cause the burning pain. Lids of eyes a little red, and a little raw.

Recalling when I was still friends with him, I was so sick I could barely do anything. He would sit in my yard and watch me. I could barely eat, I had to go to the bathroom right after. Anything I drank ran through me. I was dehydrated, high all the time, he strangled and smothered me alot. This went on for years. I couldn’t do anything, I was so tired all the time. I quit volunteering and hanging with friends, just couldn’t.  I hurt all over. He claimed it but I didn’t believe it at the time. I think he was watching for me to die. I very well could have with the amount of drugs and physical abuse, but God has a plan. I’ve not had a stroke, nor heart attack though I picked up a few murmurs along the way. My liver was in bad shape for awhile but the antibiotics given me for possible STDs seemed to take care of that. My wbc was so high for a long time, but I just didn’t have initiative to do anything about it. Waking and staying awake, trying to do the minimal things was difficult for me. No one could possibly know unless they were in my shoes and I pray no one ever does experience this hell.

Notice the large sores, it’s not acne. It’s different. Tried to get better shot of the raw on my right eyelid. Looks like there’s yellow tinge along eyelid and beneath. He’s been hitting me? My cornea feels painful pressure too.
Left not as bad but still has burning sensation.
Close-up of rt eye. Notice the red around the lid? It’s burning. Camera picked up yellow tint around my eyes. I couldn’t see it in the bathroom lights I was under today.
Your right, lower lip has purple spot. Idk if I were hit or cut.
Also top lip though it looks like lipstick it’s not I rubbed off whatever was left. It appears, rather feels like he’s cut into the lines of my lips slightly to cause the burning pain and make me look older. So, this is why I’ve had these deep lines in my lips most of the time. And why they burn. Enlarged for detail my hands so Shakey I can’t take clear enouph photos that you can enlarge. It just looks blurry. And normal.
Red on big toe, looks like it’s showing in photo on others too.
Red bruise on baby toe. Also red on ankle joint. Dark area alongside foot.
Left foot.

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