Tues July 30

6.30 woke up, hearing someone here. 

7.31am silver Jeep went by, man with  brown scraggly  goatee driving. Didn’t get good look at hair. He’s thin. 

7.45 white Chevy 4 door, pink motiff on rear window was in front of greens house in street. When I was looking at it, they took off. Windows tinted can’t make occupants. I’ve seen this car many, many times around here. 

7.56am tan/white truck went by I couldn’t see driver. Assuming it’s Ramirez as I’m still hearing sounds inside. 

8.04 am black SUV with white roof drives past an aweful lot. Tinted windows. I’m not sure if it’s gang related but it does pass my house an aweful lot during the day. Worth looking into I imagine. 

8.25 someone’s still here. 

5.20pm thin black man retrieved backpack from red car parked across street from greens and went into greens house. He’s now sitting on porch sticking head out to see me sitting here watching him. 

5.25pm Ford white full size truck with white cover passed, heavy driver, couldn’t tell if it’s green. Following was silver van with 4 scruffy looking men. First letters of plate Dzz. 

5.30 pm tan truck white cap went down alley. Driver favored Ramirez. Hat wasn’t low, white hat same he wore yesterday. 

A blue Ford 4 door passed by, more scruffy men, 2 of them in car. 

Wrists hurt, back hurts. Gluteus hurts. Chin hurts to touch. Eyes hurt, swollen. Usual stuff. Back of head hurts, around sides above my ears painful. How can I not wake when this is happening to me. Hands very dry, itchy. I put Vaseline on last night, every night now. They shouldn’t feel like this. 

Tasting blood on my lips. Roof of mouth was cut. Tasting a little blood on the roof, can feel the cuts with my tongue.

Oil in and on dishes. It’s sticky, hard to remove. Roomies glasses are main target. There’s also food on clean dishes on counter, some were oily. I’m so tired it’s so hard to keep up. I guess that’s the point. 

After my nap I noticed fur and debri sticking to my sheets. He oiled them. 

Garlic oil on basement doorknob. 

Cat dish glued to counter, this is almost daily but I rarely write about it. My Elmer’s glue is disappearing I guess that’s what he’s using. 

Cat dishes seem to have oil in them. Cats have been sick all night again. 

Tmi diarrhea again. 

Face drawn on phone screensaver. Smiley gang sign.

Insulation from attic on living room floor, also on my computer chair I don’t use because computer has virus. Cats sleep in that chair. 

Woke up from nap, my nose hurts. Think he suffocated me. Idk what else he did. My crucifix smelled, not garlic this time. My pillowcase smells funny, kind of yeasty smell. Tenderness along inner thigh area. I’m so tired. 

Slight cut on left middle finger. Hard to see with the wrinkles in photo. Hopefully you can see it.
Enlarged photo. Cut shows much better. Hands so Shakey it’s difficult to get photo.

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