So called friends

You guessed it this rant is about people who call themselves friends. I am beyond pissed anymore of people who say their your friend or your spouse’s friend then stab you in the back as soon as the opportunity comes. I’ve been in a very very difficult situation for the last almost 2 weeks and everyone who said “I’ll be here for you just call if you need me” have been slowly turning their backs on me and my spouse. For people who say they love you sure change their attitudes when things don’t go their way or you don’t do what they say. You what I have to say about that “Fuck You, all of you and the high horse you rode in on!!!!!” After all of this I’ll be Damned if I’m gonna help anyone out ever again besides the few who have been there and have been trying to help me, everyone else can go suck the big one and die far as I care anymore. End of rant…. I gonna say goodbye b4 I say something I shouldn’t or start crying again.

One thought on “So called friends”

  1. Hey, wow … I’m sorry things are so rough on you.
    I can’t really help, but I can listen if you need to talk or rant more about it.
    And sometimes crying isn’t the worst thing.

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