Thurs. Aug 1, eyes, face burn

6am. Pillow was turned inside pillowcase. Garlic oil on crucifix. More pain in midriff, upper thigh, back. Hard to bend, feels like something’s blocking my ability to bend at my waist. 

Head feels like it was hit. Eyes swollen and painful…same thing daily. We were hoping he wasn’t getting in until roomie left for work. I woke after he left, already green was in here as I heard roomie leaving around time I woke and noticed my crucifix already had garlic oil. Green came in after 1am and I’m guessing from the abuse, was here by 3, maybe 4am. 

Trouble breathing, couphing, sneezing. Nose hurts like something was put in it. Hard to explain. I just know what I feel.

Back of neck hard to turn, stiff and painful. Back of head also painful. Teeth hurt I feel like I was hit in the mouth. Went back to bed after securing door. Woke around body feeling very uncomfortable. Tmi like ummmm woman’s Viagra? Not my fault I know it’s a drug to cause suffering for me. I live like a nun so this shouldn’t be an issue. 

9am hearing noises. Someones here. 

10.05 am more sounds when I’m on porch. Heard nothing inside when I was upstairs. 

10.12 more noises.

11.20 am still heard noises when I was on the porch, nothing while I’m inside. Noises periodically throughout the day. 

3pm took nap for hour and half, my back is screaming. Unknown if green again attacked or if it’s from previous injury. It didn’t hurt this bad this morning. 

5.00pm saw black truck go by with heavy man inside. Truck resembled greens.

5.36 Ramirez went down alley to greens driving the tan and white truck.  

8.00pm silver Jeep I thought was tailing me the other day passed my house with same female driver. Long brown hair, thin. Still unsure I was being tailed, but worth a note. 

9ish I was out back. Heard noises, thought it was green and said your back already. Heard nothing. Around 9.20 roomie and I witnessed his white truck, one of them, the big one drive by. Roomie thinks it’s a Tacoma it has a lot of chrome on the front. We both believe it was him. 


Unbelievable he seems to be able to get in and out again, wheres he getting in? He can’t be here all the time but it seems like it. House is quiet now. 

Around 2 I went upstairs, heard a door shut. I’m so programmed to believe I won’t find him I didn’t even look. Smh maybe I could have caught him. Probably not. He has to have a window set up to be able to come and go, but I check the screws and they seem intact. 

More oily cotton, fur, etc under table legs. 

Roomies pillow was also turned and pillow 1/2 out of the pillowcase, this also has been daily. It’s a big pillow, so it seems intentional. A sign for me he’s been here. 

Deeper scratches and more of them on front door locks. Maybe greens hoping we forget to barricade, forget the knife in the jam? 

Oil in sink and on dishes, also on rag to wash dishes. Gang face on front storm door in oil. 

Bottom teeth bleeding a little. Cheeks hurt like I was hit. Legs weak. 

Bottom of my soap container is oiled again with food smell. I made my own washed it good on outside yet again it’s slippery to handle and smells like food. 

Cats water distiller also had food smelling oil in it. 

Lots of garlic oil on basement door knobs. I washed it off. We’ll see if it reappears after I shower. 

I’m swelling again, this has become normal. 

Urgency to use toilet. 

Oil in tub and around all porcelain, on bottles, soap, etc. 

Oil in my hair. 

New washcloth stretched, also woven into fabric the plastic thing that they connect items with at the store. Not unusual, throughout the years I find these things on textiles knowing full well I remove them completely. In the past I thought I forgot. No, I wouldn’t because they hurt sometimes depending where they are on the textiles. Whose going to forget a washcloth? Plus, it wasn’t there yesterday I would have felt it I imagine. 

My feet hurt so bad I can barely stand, it’s making me feel weak. 

There’s large acne like bumps behind my ears again, these disappeared when I was at the shelter I journaled it I believe. He actually admitted doing this. Since I didn’t have them for months and suddenly they show….

My homemade laundry soap isn’t gelling. It did yesterday and today when I checked to stir, it’s liquid. It shouldn’t be. Also a gallon jug of it is gone, totally dumped out. This is a new one. He hasn’t done this in long time. He used to when I had to use laundry mat years ago, dump my soap and I had no idea this was happening then. I can’t imagine what he did with the gel from the soap. How did he remove it and where did he put it? No wonder any time I make my own it doesn’t clean my clothes. 

Washer smells like garlic, idk if it in soap, on clothes or in washer. 

More garlic oil on basement doorknob, washed it again. 

Noticing again some thin patches on my scalp. Years ago I was totally bald in back of my head, thought I had alopecia. Well, I don’t. 

My storm window on upstairs air conditioner is cockeyed, this one is supposed to be all the way up. I have screws in the air conditioner, hoping he can’t get in through there. Recollecting now, he did use to. If I left it during winter, all the padding, plastic would be gone and it would be Soo cold. He causes the storm windows to go down on one side, idk if it’s part of the sadism or if that’s how he gets into the window. 

My lips are flaking, indicating he did cut them slightly. 

Garlic oil on my clean laundry. 

roomie noticed last night after he went for bike ride a basement light was on. He made certain to turn them off before he left. He also noticed the basement door was ajar when he came back upstairs. The doors getting harder to close, we have to lift it hard to latch it. He had done that. We can’t seem to keep ahead of green. I’m tired of being tired and hurting every day. He’s tired. He has to be drugged in order for green to attack me at night. No way he’s not going to hear anything! 

i also noticed last night more fur, oily cotton and debri in the wheels of my computer chair. Makes me wonder why he needs to stand on that chair. The insulation on it, is it from his use to get to the attic? He must go up there when we’re knocked out and come down before we wake. Unless he has a way to make it look secure when I’m awake and checking it? That’s a proposterous idea, but maybe worth checking into. Roomies so tired after work, I know it’s the drugs hitting him hard. Used to happen to me when I worked but then I also was being abused too. 

Looks like a red bruise on my left cheek. Burning sensation on both cheeks.

sore on rt cheek, just under glasses frame so it’s difficult to be seen. Looks like acne, doesn’t feel like it though. It’s painful. It’s similar to the one below it, that ones been on my face a long time and doesn’t hurt anymore. Notice the swelling and redness on my eyes too, eyelids look raw. They burn to touch. My whole face does.

Wanted to show around my nose the red raw look I’m sporting. In the diffused light outside, sun going down, it’s not showing up much. As the day progresses the burning sensation increases.
My chin.
Back storm door broken. Seems he crowbars it.
Back door. See how it’s not flush with frame. And the dents in it, probably from crowbar to open it. Also caulk missing from around frame and foundation. Doors dirty from him. It’s oil. 

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