Fri. Aug 2

7.40 am woke up. Made coffee, can hear some footsteps. 

8.21 am tan truck white bed just passed but even at that minute I heard something while sitting on porch.  Idk who is driving whoever it is favors green and Ramirez, I couldn’t get good look. I wasn’t paying much attention as there’s suddenly so much traffic, it’s his gang. 

8.23 am still hearing something. Roomie believes some gang members would be here too. Idk. 

8.40 am in house upstairs hear nothing. 

9.05 am in kitchen can hear noises. Sounds like someone might be near window upstairs? I can see how he can get out but not how to re-secure to make it look like he didn’t use it. Then again maybe he’s in basement. 

9.17 gang cars driving by. Distraction I believe, trying to listen where noises are coming from I’m sure it’s a window again. And the vehicles go by to try to take my focus off. What I think anyway. 

9.27 on porch, haven’t heard anything for a minute. 

9.33am heard another noise. And another. 

9.43am I’m inside in kitchen heard more noise like someone taking soft steps or even sliding on floor. I’m thinking upstairs but idk. 

10.40 am I’ve been trying to find him, can’t. Haven’t cleared basement yet. I’m wondering if he’s in the attic. I know he has bug detectors so trying to plant hidden cam to find him isn’t going to work. He has jammers as well. 

11.05 again I’m on porch and hearing sounds. Didn’t hear anything since I tried looking for him upstairs. 

11.10 grey van with medical insignia on the back in blue went past, someone heavy with yellow shirt driving. That’s all I have. 

11.19 I’m still on porch no noises for a few minutes. 11.20 heard something. Sigh. 

11.47 steps in the house. My cats water distiller felt like there was oil in it. I gave it good rinse in case. The stuff he uses sticks to the dishes and rarely leaves the oil trace on the top. Whatever it is it’s very heavy oil. I can’t imagine what it could be. 

12.23 atm I hear nothing. I was cleaning litter boxes and did hear some sounds. But for just a minute or 2 they stopped. 

Lovie was making very strange sounds and got sick. I’ve never heard him make such painful sounds before. It was scary. 

Beenie also got sick. This is going to be an all day thing, whatever he gives them causes them all to throw up. Another cat had furballs, that’s not what my other kitties are doing. Though they all seem lethargic and skittish today. Some are hiding upstairs, so that asshole had to be downstairs someplace I’m thinking. Poor bootsies allergies are really acting up. Whatever greens doing not only makes them sick but causes bootsie an allergic reaction. 

Oil was in cat water bowl. He’s a sadist, likes to cause suffering. Who would believe all I go through every day again? How the hell is he getting in and out so easily? 

Garlic oil on my crucifix. 

More oil in my hair. Hair’s falling out again. 

Roomie informed me last night that often he finds things out of place or even missing. ATM his stuffs in storage, so he doesn’t have much. Things reappear again at a later date. This is a common thing I’ve dealt with throughout the years. 

My reading glasses are on the porch missing an arm. I haven’t used them in quite awhile. They were either on my table or upstairs on my desk. 

He has a way to get in and out again, idk how. He can’t possibly be here all the hours steadily that it seems. I’ve heard noise stop in past, and few minutes later he drives by. Within 10-25 min the noises would begin again. So how’s he getting in and out. Wheres his exit and entry point. Roomie can’t find it, he doubts the PD will. 

My feet hurt, eyeballs hurt. Idk what else he did to me last night. 

There was a mean smiley face on my phone protector, I wipe it off nightly. It’s the only thing that was on it. 

Nightdress just washed, I had to put safety pin to keep neckline decent because it’s stretched, was missing safety pin last night and is even more stretched out. There was gathering at the arms but now it’s straight, been like that for weeks now. Something he does. Why someone takes effort to do all this beyond me. I’m already certified so why continue trying to make me nuts. 

Washing machine on the fritz. The hoses loosened on the back too. He’s admitted doing this in the past. 

Last night and night before I could feel the drug greens spraying. I just don’t know where he’s at when this occurs. Calling someone mute as he can hear me on the phone and will be able to exit quickly.  I know now it used to be kitchen window from outside, but now I haven’t a clue. 

Rolling chair in br has so much debri packed in it, it no longer rolls and I cannot remove the stuff. I worked at it about a month ago? Got it to roll at most of the rollers.  I could see the oil and other stuff on the wheels yesterday. I just physically cannot remove it now except the loose stuff he rolled the chair on. Also he took out some of the stuffing of the chair and placed it around the room and laundry. It’s what he does. The chair was facing a window. I looked at the window, I could see where the caulk has been removed from around the glass. There’s a crack in the glass as well. But idk how long the crack may have been there. The lost caulk looks fresh as the wood looks very good yet. 

There’s a few panes of glass upstairs loose, always at the bottom and near center. 

I’m thinking he’s getting in the back door. Idk how, but if he’s messing with storm I’m sure that’s where he’s come in before. He left a breadcrumbs, a maple seed by the door for me to see. Theres maple seed in kitchen window. He left one on my stairway, I believe it’s intentional to let me follow the seeds. Idk why he would do that but I think he did. I put butter knife in jam, someone put a door lock protector, metal thing that has a cup for the deadbolt to fit. I’m thinking he can slide the door over, because it has been in the past and the frame isn’t tight anymore. He can easily put a tool of some sort in the cup as it’s facing the lock and move it. Put everything back once he’s certain we’re knocked down from drug. How he leaves is a mystery. 

I believe he got in after I did my laundry and I was outside for a bit I used back door, no garlic on it at that time, but roomie gave me massage later and his hands smelled like garlic oil! We both were outside on side of house and didn’t hear anything. Both of us in and out. Somehow I know he got in because of garlic, and left, waited until we were in bed then entered again. 

Oil in tub daily. The drain protector gets clogged because it’s sticky. Every day I’m standing in water to my ankles. Sigh. 

I believe he’s on more rampage now because I called the PD. Who knows. Or maybe he’s just showing he can do whatever he wants with no consequence. Or maybe he’s mad I will not speak to him when he’s here. I told him I want him to talk to me. I’m holding ground, I think he’s ticked at that. He wants to be in control. 

Clothes I washed yesterday smell like food, don’t smell clean and are oily. A shirt I only wore a few times is pilled and so stretched it looks like hell. I liked that one, hard to find petites in my size and it used to fit like glove 

Attic door. Notice the plywood looks like someone’s been prying it, it’s no longer smooth and flush, also the strip at the corner seems to have been tampered. I have to look at older photos to see for certain. It’s blurry, sorry. Whatever’s happening to me I can’t focus. Enlarging it makes a blur.

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