day 306

It was raining heavily in the morning. Around noon I got a call from my boss. The moment I saw he was the one calling me I knew what he was going to say – you don’t have to come to work today because it is raining so much and there won’t be any guests. I do not think I have mentioned it before, but the burger place is rather small. About 35 seats outside and maybe 10 inside. You can’t sit outside if it is raining, because there is no cover (only sun shade, but it is not waterproof). Heavy rain meant I could not go swimming either. I had lunch with dad before he went to work. Then mum came home from work and we went out to get some groceries and some other stuff. Weather improved a bit. Rain completely stopped for a while, then it only drizzling with the sun shining as well. But just when we returned home, around seven, another rainstorm begun. I stayed at home for the rest of the day.



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