Sat Aug 3, strangle, photos

8.30 am woke late. Very groggy like I was drugged. My laundry pile next to bed wasn’t flat, I didn’t seem to smell the garlic on my crucifix, but I did hear him trying to get in last night. If I call PD they probably won’t find him. 

Garlic on crucifix. I put it under water and smelled very strong. 

Bent over, started wheezing. I didn’t feel swelling in my throat right away. Video chat with a friend and as I looked at my neck it seemed to swell. He could see marks on my neck and advised I go to hospital. I declined because they don’t see or feel anything. My neck is hard, cannot feel swelling. Nose is runny. 

Garlic oil on basement door knob again. I washed it. 

10.00am still hearing sounds of someone here. 

10.30ish sounds stopped still quiet 10.57. 

11.15 or so sounds of someone inside started again. I’m very tired, my neck to head sore. I’m going to stay feeling tired for awhile, my mental and physical focus will be off. Already I’m terribly forgetful. Back of head and neck hurt. Idk if he hit me in my head. Back of head and neck is the   nervous center. My speech, sense of humor, thinking is again going to be compromised. I had so much fun yesterday with my friend, I know I was high but even so, it was good to cut loose and laugh and just enjoy myself. He hates when I have fun. I was invited to a wedding by his coworker, she got a kick out of me and told him to invite me. I’m worried, if I buy an outfit I have to hide it someplace. And being strangled I won’t be fun at all. I’ll just sit in a stupor, not being able to engage. And say really stupid things that aren’t funny. 

12.00 heard sounds when I was downstairs. Hear nothing as I’m upstairs now. 

12.55 I’m upstairs just took shower, hearing someone here again. 

1.18 pm more sounds. I’m on porch. 

2.00 pm took nap woke around 6. My ankles and feet hurt, hands and wrists hurt. Arms are swollen so is my torso. I feel like there’s bruising on my back. I’ll try to have someone take pics for me tomorrow. I have bruises on my ankles. 

10.30 pm can hear someone outside making some sounds on house, perhaps trying to get in. He seems to wait for roomie to sleep, perhaps he’s drugged him already. If I’m up I won’t go down. 

11.00pm seems sounds stopped. Idk if he got in and waiting, or if he took off for awhile to wait for me to go to bed. Lots of traffic, his gangs driving by. Some of the guys told me years ago they didn’t know why their boss had them drive around but they had to because they have to do what he says. Well, now I believe  they’re in his gang. And I can’t remember what they look like, it was several years ago at the coney across from the water. More than one told me same thing. 

Paper on the floor in living room letting me know he was here while I showered.

Lips hurting, tasting some blood. Bottom teeth hurt. As usual. Jaw beginning to hurt, again I’m getting headache. Eyes  of course hurt, this is daily it seems. They are always swollen. Lips also feel dry, like they were cut, dead skin. 

Getting dizzy. Vision worse today. 

Urgency to use toilet, again tmi diarrhea. This could be from strangle or something he gave me. Painful to go. 

Thighs weak and painful. 

Back teeth very painful. Rinsing with peroxide. No one would believe he’s trying to make me lose my teeth. He’s been working them ever slowly, all these years. He must have put something where it doesn’t belong, got hurt. He wants me to have dentures. Hard to imagine someone you’re not married to, not living with, never dated, would do this. Hard to imagine anyone would, but it makes more sense than a random stalker. 

Very hard plaque in all my teeth this morning. I floss every day. I shouldn’t have this issue! 

After shower my neck and chest area very painful. Someone asked if he punched me in my chest before, idk. I go to sleep, sometimes I feel the drug he sprays before I’m asleep, sometimes not. 

Face burning after shower again. Eyes and cheeks turning red. 

Eyeglasses very loose. ATM I don’t have insurance. Somehow I have to gain energy and wherewithall to go to the office and reapply. 

Roomie looked at my neck and saw what he believes are thumb marks on the back of my neck. Also he noticed marks along my jawline and showed me how green strangled me. 

There’s insulation on my steps and landing, I cleaned some of it up. Also it’s downstairs on the floor. Seems to be more on my laundry in bathroom, I shook it off so it shouldn’t be on top of it. Also laundry in bedroom has insulation on it. 

I’m going to have to fight hard not to be whiney, feel sorry, anger, etc from lack of oxygenated blood flow. 

Had to enlarge photo so my face isn’t shown. You can see swelling and dark marks. It’s now beginning to hurt at my jawline and mid neck. Coughing, runny nose.
Trying to hold my head at normal angle so you can see the swelling. Those jowels, that is swelling.
One of my windows this in front bedroom. Notice the missing caulk on the other side of the glass. This looks newer. The glass is loose in the center bottom as many of my windows are. Idk what the purpose is, but it does cause temperature control appliances to work harder. Also on most windows there’s oil and dirt between glass and frame, it will be incredibly difficult to caulk them. From the outside one has to be on the roof to be able to re-caulk. Granted the caulk is old, but for all my windows to have this issue……well…..also the dirt spots are oil, and the chipped paint is from some tool he used to mess up the window. 

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