Sun aug4

Went to bed at 3am woke at 7.30, found some old Kleenex and some papers on my laundry. Basement doors been garlicced. Some items on front porch out of place, mail that was missing yesterday is here again today. 

Heard some noises, can’t tell exactly where they’re coming from. Well, the back door was an option for him before but this time I just don’t know. Unless he was inside already when I added more knives to the hinge side.  He came in his exit, where ever that is. Has to be air conditioner in the basement but tape doesn’t look disturbed. 

Tmi diarrhea. Thighs and legs weak, labored breathing. Toes hurt and just below them. 

Eyes so swollen again, eyeliner looks too heavy. I had to draw thicker line because lids are too puffy. Takes long time to try to apply. But, my eyes have been puffy a long time, it’s nothing new. What’s unusual  is when they are not swollen. Idk what he’s doing to them to cause the swelling and pain. The videos, tapes, etc will show what he’s done if they can be found. 

Heavy rain, my runoff grate again full of debris. Every time it rains it has to be cleaned. Stalker has done this, not only has he told me in the past but I’ve seen stuff from my yard in the street. Smh. Just never ends. Roomie says he clean it often. I grew up in a house with a storm drain in front and many more trees around us, it was rare to have it backup. Mine, every time we have a good rain it backs up the street. There’s rocks from my backyard in the street, weeds I pulled out and put in garbage, and lots of sticks and dirt. Where do piles of dirt come from. I’m frustrated. This abuse is so thorough. He has it nailed. 

My roofs leaking worse. There’s big puddle on my porch. Idk why he’s destroying my home I know he did wreck an exgirlfriends trailer he lived in with her and she was able to file charges on him. He went to jail 120 days. 

My right foot, ankle and knee very painful. It was hard not to limp when I was outside. I don’t want green to see me limp. I won’t take anything for pain to show my strength. 

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