day 308

I was at home in the morning and had lunch at grandpa’s. I returned home and had an amazing nap, watched a series and headed to work.

Sundays are usually the busiest and yesterday was no exception. It was not completely full all the time, but there was more people that normally. And there was a lot of cleaning to do as well, which kept me occupied. You have to thoroughly clean the whole kitchen and sundays are that day, so I cleaned the kitchen, storage room and locker room, all with great detail. And fifteen minutes before closing a bunch of orders came in so we could not clean the kitchen until the last moment. I came home at 11:45, 45minutes after closing time.

A while ago, I watched an anime movie called Clannad. I really enjoyed it and only after I have seen it I discovered a show with the same title exists. Now, I am wathing the series and I am loving it so far. I have not been so excited about a show like this in a while and I am really enjoying it. Sadly, there only are a few episodes left, but I hope to find another good show soon. (Any recommendation are welcomed)



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