Jeremiah 20:14, The Cost Of Truth

Many prophets of the Old Testament carried a tremendous burden: being the bearer of troubling news. This was true of Jeremiah, and it was true of many others as well. Jeremiah, in particular, was commanded by the Lord to deliver dire warning after dire warning. The criticality of the message was severe: if the warnings did not spur repentance, or revival, then unimaginable destruction and pain would be brought to the kingdom of Judah. This was a difficult task indeed. In the end, Jeremiah was rejected by the people. And Judah was invaded, and defeated, by Babylon. Jeremiah absorbed the weight of the imminent doom. He became so broken, and dejected, at the callousness of his fellow Hebrew people that he despaired living. He knew he would see the dreaded days, the ones that had long been proclaimed and prophesied by so many, including himself. Jeremiah felt like a lone voice, and in some respects he was a lone voice. But speaking truth unaccompanied, in the service of God, is far better than speaking folly with the whole of the world, driven by selfish ambition. Jeremiah had a truly hard mission, but he did it, and his legacy is both admirable and commendable.   

Jeremiah 20:14 “Cursed be the day I was born! May the day my mother bore me not be blessed!” (NIV)

Kevin Orr (8/6/2019)

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