Wed. Aug 7 pics

6.40am hearing sounds in the house.

7.41 big black pick up followed by white car with pink motif just went by. 

8.16am still hearing someone around. I’m on porch. He’s gotten to where it’s very difficult to tell where he’s at. 

8.29am heard sounds when I was on porch 

7.00pm roomie spotted what he believes is Cadillac Dk blue with flecks go down alley. Green was driving had black moustache. Roomie called me I went running down alley and saw Ramirez in back of car motor still running. I had to look carefully as Ramirez and green have similar heads and beady eyes and it’s sometimes difficult to tell them apart. It seemed to me ramariz had just come out. I said nice car and he eyed me strangely.  Roomie and I believe green ran inside and sent his double. What a coward. about 10 min later green drove the vehicle past the house roomie saw it I didn’t. We think definitely it’s a stolen vehicle and they drove it off to another hiding spot.

9.00pm green drove past in large black pickup, light blue odyssey followed. 

Roomie want me to go back to hotel. Green got in the last time so why? It’s not going to make any difference what he does to me. He’ll do it here he’ll do it there. I know I’m going to be hurting tomorrow. 

Back hurting along spine, feet and ankles hurting but not as bad today as yesterday. Yesterday ankles were red I should have photographed but didn’t. 

Wrists painful. 

Garlic oil on crucifix. 

Hands aching. I’m definitely getting rheumatoid he’s cracking everything several times week. 

Eyes puffy and painful, eyeballs hurt. 

Cats sick. 

Oil in hair. 

Smelled garlic when on porch he’s probably sprayed doorknob.

Washed off doorknob to basement garlic oil was on it. 

Stomach huge, hips smaller than normal.

Face drawn on phone glass.

Garlic oil on lighters.  

Bootsies rear looked bloody I tried to get photo. He’s been acting strange, laying around. Sick green rosebudded him and a few others. He’s collapsed their colons….his rear stinks. They usually get diarrhea when he does this to them. Trying to get photo isn’t easy. I couldn’t catch the bloody part. 

Tmi-Runny diarrhea. It’s been painful in that region for awhile. Idk if he’s assaulting me like that. I remember green told me he gives me exlax. Idk if he did last night or any night but I know I’m having problems. I know this is disgusting I feel it important because any videos may show what tortures he’s putting me through.

I’m not as flakey as in past, I think the concussions really did me in. I’m still forgetful and moody from strangle but not like I was. He’s been hitting me in forehead and around the head, not crown. Maybe he’s afraid to give me concussion? It would be noticable?

I think he’s trying to set up the windows again so he can get in and out but how? 

Called pd tt brun. This sgt. Doesn’t believe me I started crying when she kept pressing me for who getting in. I just want detective to look at my house and figure how he’s getting inside. That’s all I want. 

My car feels like it was used by him the seat feels lower like a heavy person was in it and bouncing around. Like all my cars. I just can’t take all this. He’s going to hurt me worse because I called the pd. He was inside when I called. 

Eyeliner and lipstick were cut. Eyeliner fell out while applying. These were in my purse in my safe along with car key. 

Tried to get the blood on his behind. Idk if you can see it. It doesn’t look normal there.
This was under and around my garbage can. When I came home from funeral mass there was more stuff where the can was, and garbage was taken out of the bag and placed around the area and toilet. Either he got in again after I left or he was still inside. Idk. I didn’t hear noises though. The dirty looking items are oily, he puts oil and dirt. I’ve said this before many times.
This is what it looks like after I left and came home.
This was hanging this morning in the back window. Maple seed indicates he used either this window or one of the windows in my bedroom. I guess the seed can’t be seen well in the photo. Its stuck inside the gutter guard.

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