Thurs aug 8 pics neck, ankles

7.40 woke up. Didn’t hear 2 alarms set for 6.30 and 7. Hes walking around somewhere. 

5.30pm I tried knocking greens door and when I left someone came out. I went to speak to him and asked if spider were home. He looked surprised, no just me and my family he said. I’ve seen him, Hispanic possibly Puerto Rican accent, tall, thin, goatee. Backpack all the time leaving the house. I decided to go down the alley and not come home directly. Lo and behold as I’m walking near my house I see spider aka green in the tan and white pickup no wig, he slowed to get a look at me or let me know hes flew the coop. Probably business they are on. I’m thinking if I talk to him, maybe I can make this end. I know it probably won’t. But just maybe. 

Last night he sprayed something that kept me awake until after 2. My legs were kicking, I couldn’t fall asleep and I was tired. 

My neck hurts beneath my jaw, back of my head hurts and neck. Forehead hurts. My eyeballs feel huge. 

I cried yesterday and my face burned. It felt burning after I showered as well but not as bad as before. 

My knees almost gave out on me when I got out of bed. 

In sun on porch face burning. 

My journal was opened on profile this am. I am sure to log out and shut it down every night. I can’t access the camera now from the journal. So either he had me get Into it for him or he broke in it. Also the phone doesn’t turn right, when I move it, it stays in the short position making it difficult to type or see anything when keyboard is up. There are faces on the phone glass. 

My lips hurt.

Garlic oil on doorknob, crucifix. 

9.41am knees starting to hurt. 

Checked back of his house and saw the Cadillac roomie and I spotted yesterday. 

Ift ankle again. Red much more prominent in this photo I think.
My ankles red again. I knew he’d go after my walking ability.
Big toe has large red line. Its inflamed. Not yet painful. Ankles and knees not hurting yet. Hes given me some type of local as my head hurts and I k is my feet and knees should be screaming.
Rt foot again red is easier to see in this photo.

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