Sat Aug 10

7.54 am white truck, I believe Chevy with black trim sped past, slowed a little right in front of my house. Looks like one of greens gang. It had a black cover on the bed. 

3-4 pm grey dodge ram drive by multiple times, I finally waved at driver, he waved back and made a gun with hand pointing at my roomie. Didn’t see him again until 8 56, this time in a black dodge ram. Roomie was home again by this time. Black man wearing red ball cap, thin about 5’7. I believe he lives on 8th. I’ve followed him before thinking he was one of greens gang members. He is.ive seen green in that very truck before. The black one. This man also was riding his bike around my street between the times of the trucks not being seen. I’ve followed him to his house a few times, he drives a white pickup usually. I thought he was following me so I pulled over and followed him to his house. He wears red and white. His white pickup has red and white bandana on the mirror. 

Roomie believes he may be a hired gun to protect the blue bandana gang. Roomie a former military believes his life in jeopardy so I can be isolated again. He thinks they are trying to scare him off giving him a warning. Roomie wonders if it’s a first or last warning. I’ve become brave since roomies been here, but it’s not because of him. I’m tired of being tortured nightly. I’d probably even amp it up a bit if he weren’t here. 

Awakened last night to someone jimmieing the kitchen door. I put a knife in the jam. If roomie didn’t get up to that, he wasn’t getting up. Couldn’t have been him it went on too long. I figured green wasn’t getting in last night and it proved my theory he has to be using the window area in the basement. 

However when I woke sometime very early morning my gut hurt. Somehow he did get inside and hit me in the torso area. I could hardly sleep after that. Back of my head is aching now as well. Difficulty breathing. 

Woke around 7am and heard someone I’m thinking in basement area. Still difficult for me to discern where sounds are coming from. Roomie and I examined windows, but even though it doesn’t look like he got inside via that window I’m betting he did. It’s the only way I believe. 

Garlic oil on crucifix. 

Dish rag is unusually oily. 

Garlic oil on basement door handle. 

He was upstairs when I was on main floor! I cleaned litter boxes, heard someone, and found trash from my trashcan on the floor of the bathroom. Damn. Now I’m wondering if he isn’t getting in a window upstairs but how is that possible? This is driving me mad! I’m angry and so tired of trying to outwit him. He has numbers on his side, people that can help him. I feel alone, any friend who believes me aren’t savvy like this. We’re good people and just can’t think like a criminal. I’m sure he did try the basement then found a workaround to the screws in the bedroom window. Lord have mercy! 

Washed my hair and it feels very dry and damaged. I rarely, ever use blow dry or irons, so for it to feel like this after a shampoo is unusual. Its damaged from scalp to ends seemingly overnight. shampoo and conditioner have cooking oil on and around the cap, possibly inside as well. Tub oiled, the shower curtain again has cooking oil on it. My hair is getting thinner by the day it seems. Yes, I’m older, but when I was in hospital for 17 dAys it was growing nicely and I could feel the parts that were bald coming back in. Setting pattern. 

Pillow out of pillowcase. 

I was on the phone with roomie and told him of my beating and said hes angry I wore bath oil, he doesn’t want to smell like me and I heard a knock, confirming my suspicions. Lord have mercy. I didn’t even realize he was still upstairs. idk if he left again I’ve been hearing sounds on and off all morning. If I didn’t know better I’d think I really am delusional! I’m hoping I’m more rational than that. 

Face in towel with lint, wasn’t there this am when I woke up but appeared after I did the kitty litter downstairs. Its woven into the fabric. I pulled it out and the fabric ripped. But all my towels are ripped anyway, he stretches everything and even tears some items.
You may see how the threads were pulled out to cause the lint to hang. The other side of towel also had lint balls, and at least 2 other faces nose and eyes like this one. Setting pattern

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