Sun aug 11, pin pricks on finger

Shampoo packet. No discernable escape route for liquid. My purse been in my safe since last I used and it didn’t have gunk all over everything.
Face on finger again. This time there’s the dots that are crooked beneath. I’ve seen this symbol many times, it’s on the tree in front of my neighbors facing my house.

Thumb nail. Mornings I find my nails like this. Last week it was the left thumb nail, thus week it’s the right. Green had told me he tried to get to the skin beneath nail. In all these years hes only succeeded 2× in causing my nails to bleed and I think only once on my toe.

6.30 am woke he was in the house somewhere. My bra was stretched, the straps dirty. My camisole stretched again, of course my church dress stretched and tags rolled so I can’t read how to wash it. 

11.14 am I’m home from mass, very tired. Believe I have mild concussion. I heard steps! I thought he’d be gone. Or maybe he came back. Where in the hell is he? 

1.16pm woke up. Very groggy, my feet hurt worse than this morning. Back is also hurting badly, it was at mass but I feel like I was kicked again in small of back. The foot pains new today, it’s near and in my toes. Heels and arches had been hurting worse before. Feet weren’t kicking like last night. 

2.05pm heard more footsteps. I can’t believe hes still here. 

2.30 driving outer to get roomie from work, followed by black full size, chrome in front. He was on my tail from a short distance, around pepper I seemed to pick him up and was followed a few blocks after fort. The sun seemed to be bouncing off the windshield on drivers side.  Seems he was sure to only be in the big city area and turned before we hit city limits. Couldn’t make driver, but the way he turned it just was so familiar. Green never gives me the opportunity to follow him. 

5.34pm dk blue almost black dodge ram I thought was black yesterday, drove past again with same driver as yesterday, white hat he lives at 4300 on next street. The one who threatened roomie yesterday, black tall thin on older side wears either white or red ball cap. Had white ball cap today. 

7.40pm silver van drove by. Couldn’t see driver, there was a passenger can’t Id. 

7.49pm smaller black pickup drove past. Looked like it could be green wearing his black short wig. Trucks looking beat up and old. Couldn’t Id make, but it’s one I e seen him in many times.  Having difficulty believing he allows the gang to drive his vehicles as hes so possessive. True, they’re in other people’s names but even so, I’m having difficulty wrapping my head around this. 

8.05pm black car drove past, man with short hair and safety vest green in passenger. As they passed he looked at me on the porch. 

8.09 roomie arrived home, the blue grey ram had been on the road around roomie coming and going to bar. This is only vehicle he recognized. I’m sure the other ones I’ve spotted also were following him around. 

8.10 scrubby looking white man with black hair and evil eyes walked by staring at me and looking up at my roof. Don’t recall seeing him before. Maybe I’ll remember later if I had Avg size, from my perspective he looks short around 5-4. Muscular. 


On the freeway around 2.30pm, a dark blue car was behind me. When I made the turn onto tel. We were stopped at a light. Hard for me to tell if it were Male or female but they had short hair with bright red in it. I switched lanes after to see if I were followed and they switched lanes, I thought then I was being followed.  What caught my attention were hand signals the person was making, there was a tan Chevy pickup with some chrome several lengths back, looks familiar. I wondered if that were a signal to some gang members. The red is a different gang. Apparently they work together. Apparently, roomie and I are marked by the red gang. If indeed the brightly dyed red and natural brown haired person with a round, pale face is indeed in the red gang. And if they really were following me. Could be fluke. But it’s not bad thing to note just in case i see this person again. Seems I have in the past. 

While driving outer to home, around 3pm,  3 of the posse cars pulled onto the freeway, they were in front of us. One I believe is Ford flex, white roof black body, I’ve reported it here before. The other a truck, either white or tan maybe grey, it was a light color, and a white car I’ve seen drive past here. I’ll try to be better about models in my descriptions. Hard to keep track and see drivers too. I’m awful about car brands. The emblem are so hard to make out. 

4306 next block over, the black Rubicon sits in front. I’ve seen it a bunch of times there and the day it followed me and I pulled over so I could follow it, that’s where it parked. Ohio plates. 

4300 same block is where man lives who threatened us yesterday. 

My hands hurt wrist to palm. My feet and back hurt. 

A shampoo packet I had in my purse in my safe, was opened and I can’t find where the hole is, and all the  contents emptied in my purse. It’s a packet, not a bottle. It was totally emptied into my purse on everything. 

Garlic oil on my keys.  

Garlic oil on crucifix, the whole house reeked of it. 

Along the lines of my fingers where they bend there are light scratches, enough to make me uncomfortable. 

Roomie couldn’t hear the movement. Green has gotten very good at being quiet. Hes had to set up a window upstairs to get in. Idk how to figure it out I don’t know what to do. I wish we’d blocked off the air conditioner in basement.  Just don’t have initiative to do it myself. 

Last night I was so tired but i couldn’t sleep. My legs were kicking and i was feeling anxious hes sprayed the stuff to keep me awake. 

I’m very tired today, depressed. That would be normal in this situation but I’ve been upbeat in spite of it most days, and depression usually doesn’t last the entire day. I’m thinking perhaps I do have mild concussion. My crown feels more like hairs been pulled than it does hit. But i know hes hit me around my head, forehead, sides and back. I’m not hallucinating. Yet. That’s good. Balance isn’t terrible, though there’s days. 

Roomie says hes seen about 30 people for sure who are involved in gang around here. There’s a handful, about 5-6 we see on a regular basis. He calls them the main posse. 

Cat was standing on my torso and it hurt. I think greens beat me all around my body but there’s only swelling. Roomie saw only a small bruise on my lower back. I didn’t even see the marks on my neck today. Greens a monster and I feel I have no way out. I can feel on my right side of head where it feels I was punched in the head. I can feel where the knuckles landed. 

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