Mon aug12, cut on nose

Groggy, didn’t want to get up to blasting alarm. Didn’t hear it for 3 minutes. Got out of bed around 7am. 

7am hearing noises while I’m in the kitchen. Hes around. I told him his trying to break me, putting oil on my dishes, etc. But his threshold like little girl it’s non existent. 

8am on front porch still hearing noises. I think they’re above me. 

8.10 green drove past in tan and white truck looking right at me. He slowed so I can see him. My brains slowed down, its taking longer for info to register. He had grey ballcap Ramirez was wearing before, and it wasn’t pulled over greens face. It was up so I can see his face. I didn’t notice the hair or if he had moustache today. 

11.20 AM. drove sf, red Chevy midsize picked seemed to follow. He had pulled out of side street and kinda grinned at me. I turned into side street, and instead of turning went straight across sf. The man had his blinker to turn and instead followed me. I I waved at him In my rear mirror,   pulled over after another turn. He has Vietnam vet plate. Continued following wondering about this. Maybe, maybe not I may have a lot of false leads but some may not be, correct? 

Another black truck, I think ram it had ram written across grill picked me up and followed kinda close down frt. St. Older woman grey hair glasses. Is this a disguise or really an old woman just driving  somewhere. I made quick move down side street, lost her or him if Indeed my paranoia were on track. On Dx rd at destination, I saw the grey blue ram ive seen around home go into Walmart. I’m thinking greens got to be driving it but i didn’t see how he made the turn. Again, could be random. I have no way to know. 

9.15pm someone in a dark hoodie pulled around their face entered greens home. I’ve been watching the black Honda accord, parked in front of greens, someone’s inside the running lights are on. Who ever went inside was heavy set. Idk if it’s the female or green. It’s dark. The accord hasn’t had a plate on it since I saw it parked there for about 3 days or so. The windows are tinted all around it’s very dark. 

Earlier roomie and I saw the black Cadillac that’s been in the backyard being driven by Ramirez, around 5pm. 

If I can hazard a guess, hes heading toward storage locker after he left my house earlier today.  I just have that feeling. Hes comparing videos, pictures, etc from my younger years until now. Maybe even my sisters, and all the others too.  That’s my gut. He would keep these in a controlled environment so they won’t be ruined. He would most likely have the locker in someone else’s name. I’ve a feeling hes preparing something to happen and arranging them to be safe from prying eyes. Thing is, you can’t trust a thief even if they are your friend. Hoping loyalty to him fades. Wondering if his darkroom is the storage locker. He used to use his own bedroom when he lived at his sister’s duplex. Is the dark room in the house he lives in. I’m curious to know. 

Oil in hair. 

Oil on dishes. I have a lot  of dishes to wash, this is beyond cruel. 

My back, especially along spine is incredibly painful. He hit me in my head, forehead hurts. Back of neck. My voice was cracking earlier so he strangled me. I’m having difficulty remembering things. I do have a mild concussion. 

My neck beginning to ache, 8.18am I can feel swelling when I move it now. Along jawline and mid neck I can feel pain. 

I have small cut on my nostril. Also when I took picture I have lots of acne beginning again. 

Car vanity mirror has more cuts in it. 

He hit me closer to my crown along sides of my head. 

I feel like I was smothered, nose hurts and my eyes are getting dark around the nose. 

Knees painful, no new bruising though. They still look bruised from before. Not unusual on me not to see much bruising where there’s pain. Idk how he manages it. My torso still painful all around sides to back, and incredibly swollen. I look pregnant. 

Difficulty breathing. My torso area feels bloated, hard and painful. Hard to bend. Losing breath when I bend. 

Found something sticking up in an odd spot, what’s he trying to tell me I thought. One is a card for St. Anne with a prayer from the Archdiocese. Another a card from my friends for an enrollment in mass intentions. Confusing to me as hes so bent on destruction yet seems to want me to pray, that’s what I think it means. I remember a convo with him between 2013-2015 and he encouraged me to go to church. I was a mess at the time, with everything he was doing to me. I could barely function. I couldn’t plan on going to mass I never felt well. 

Roomie saw just a small bruise last night on my back, but the pain radiates to much larger area. 

I don’t seem to hear him moving around whenever I’m upstairs. This is leading me more and more to believe hes upstairs often when I’m in the kitchen or on the porch. I’ve swept the upstairs often, never see him. Is he in the attic and if so how does he get the door to stick when hes up there?

Hard to see cut now. I noticed it In The mirror this morning and when I was in the car.
Different light. Again it’s barely noticable here. But there’s a cut.
Depressions seem to get deeper on my chin. Hard to stay still enough to take a good photo.
Seems there’s a bruise on my cheek. Eyes look better today though the darkness is starting to appear again. I looked almost normal for a day. I’m noticing the depressions when magnified look black. What is it? All over my face.

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