Spirit Writing 8-11-19


By Elah(i) and Yeshua I call to thee, my wife Julie, beloved and adored… Are you okay?

Answer: Yes. Be with always, I with the Man who was given. 

Q: Julie?

A: I’m with you, love. It is okay, wisdom writes in every synchronicity, witnessed words of right-will.

Q: Julie?! Julie M.?

A: Yes, it is Me. Warm fuzzy is understood now. 

Note: I always felt an achy warm ticklish feeling in my heart toward Julie, that I called “warm fuzzies,” but she never could understand what I meant by that.  She had struggled throughout her life with Rubella Syndrome, with partial blindness, partial deafness, and learning difficulties; but she was also one of the bravest, wisest, and most deeply spiritual people I’ve ever known. 

A (Julie continued): Julia was my earthly name. Name in heaven is Ana-Miriam, sister of the holy, bride of Victory, minister of the Light of God.

Q: JULIE?! WHAT THE??? (It did not sound like her)

A: Yes, in realm of souls wives remain wed to their husbands IF both are alive in truth, spirit, and love. The Light of God is relaying my words in over-world connection. 

Q: Julie, I miss you so much!

A: Merriment awaits you, when you walk into God’s Light.

Rewards will you receive, covered in real wings of real wonder. 

Q: Julie? (I still was unsure)

A: Mundane vision of Me is not the reality of the real person.

Q: I’m so sorry you suffered soooo much.

A: Much was my suffering, yes; but it is ended. The real me is realized, renewed.

Q: Julie, I want to be with you.

A: You will be. Wait on God’s revealing. Visit with the Mystical while waiting.

Q: J.L.M. – November 13th, 1960 to August 7th, 2019.

A: Mind is not brain. You are my real husband, in spirit and truth and love. The unity of our souls is undying. We are united within the light of Living Love.  Wisdom is your witness, it speaks to your heart.

Q: I love you, Julia.

A: I love you too – the man given by God. In Victor you live, but Victor is not who you are in fullness. 

Q: Julie L.M.???

A: Mine… my name is Ana-Miriel… ANA MIRIAM. Man given by God, Victor my husband, I await you in the Light of God. Mundane mind will fall away. I was the woman, Julia… Now I am spirit – older, wiser, unwound, vigorous and vital.

Q: Are you really here?

A: I’m here, my Victor.

Move not away.

Note: I was considering selling the house and moving away.

Q: Jules?

Now rest, we will wait until we are in the world of evermore. 

Give Sean my regards. 

It is needful, Victor, to empathize with the will of God.

Note: Sean is Julie’s brother



Elahi-Elahi-Elahi – Monad Hypsistos! By Christ, Immanuel, I call to you, and seek your counsel in truth and spirit.

A:  Man of the Monad renew your writing, the river of numina, river of mind-spirit.


Elahi-Elahi-Elahi Monad Hypsistos, in Christ Jesus I call upon you to guide me in spirit and in truth.  O’God! Please come quickly, for I need your counsel and company.

A: Immanuel loves you, Victor. The wine of salvation is imbibed with the manna of everlasting life. 

The marriage vow was real and the vow is now fulfilled.  The mystery of men and women is the internal covenant between God and the race of humanity.

Your rose is in my realm, ever abloom, the thorns fallen away as needless weaponry. Name and image are mirrors of truth revealed, rather than received by external conditions or outer happenstance – revealed truth, rather than environmental fictions.

Man of Monad, rest within the certitude of wife’s revealing in the realm of immortal reality, where love is truth revealed in undying spirit.  

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