Spirit Writing 8-12-19


Holy God – Elahi… Elah… Monad Hypsistos, please help me… please guide me in Truth and Spirit. 


Right living

Right thinking

Right speaking

Right doing

Love rinses away the venom of anger, envy, vanity, worry, and wanting.

Much division is removed with a simple hug, or a sincere, “I love you,” or an act of genuine kindness.

Love arms you against fear or hatred. 

Sympathy or pity for those who want you eradicated is a transcendent state of being.

Be not a river of ill-willing, rather a rain of agape (divine love). Tiny droplets of of humanitarian regard, respect, reason, reverence, raining on those you pass in your journey… Rivers of light replenished in the runoff.

Passivity in the face of evil, is evil.  To sit silent and idle while error, injustice, vulgarity, incivility, lawlessness, and cruelty flourish, is an act of reprobate wickedness – as reality is shaped by active participation in the mind-body-spirit of existence.

Rummaging and rooting around in vileness, increases ruin. 

Man of the One, wisdom is in your pen. With it, Spirit can water seeds in worlds hidden within human souls, to bring forth realities of life in wastelands made then verdant in wisdom’s rain of victory.

Make known my words, so as to rain upon all who chance to stroll beneath the shade of laden clouds of heaven’s right-willing.  

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