day 316

I was off yesterday. Dad and brother were cleaning the new garage in the morning, while I visited grandma and went to the library.

Postcards from No Man’s Land by Aidan Chambers is an amazing book. I randomly picked it out because my library did not have any books I wanted to read and I am glad I did. Jacob, a seventeen year old from England, goes to the Netherlands to participate in a ceremony remembering the battle of Oosterbeek, in which his grandfather fought fifty years ago. During his stay in the Netherlands he is living with the family of a woman who took care of Jacob’s grandfather when he got injured in battle. I have enjoyed reading this book very much. Although the general plot is not the lightest, the book is fun easy to read. Characters are interesting, but maybe a bit inconsistent and sometimes way too grown up for their age. Still, the writing and a good plot make the book a pleasure to read.



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