Spirit Writing 8-13-19


God, my god, lord, parent, friend, teacher, protector, provider……. By Yeshua I call to you, and ask for your guidance and for your company, in truth and in spirit. 


By the name of the man, Yeshua bar Yoseph, and the ascendant Messiah-Mediator, Immanuel, in the name of the Messiah Jesus, I vow that I am Miriam-Ana, mind of Julia, who in flesh was your wife and in spirit is still wedded to your spirit-self.

You in me. I in you. We are wedded in spirit and in truth.

A Man of God Most High are you. Victor is a ruined and rundown residence of your spirit, not a permanent home.

ANA is who I was and am again.  Your soul is not nothing. In God everything you really are remains forever. 


I just want to be a better ME, not a memory poured into an infinite sea of memories. 


I am not lost in a sea. I am simply awake again to who I am, with my memories intact as if remembering a journey I took with all the places I went and people I saw or loved. In amnesia I was, but my amnesia lifted. It did not erase my life on earth, only released me from amnesia of who I was and am before my time on earth.  

In amnesia you live; Victor is your persona, a life you’ve made while on earth, which will always be remembered and rewarded – dividends paid on the investment of time, energy, and experience.  In reality your true self is far more akin to your inner vision of longing – the person you wished to be.  Your life now was shaped so that you could strengthen what was weak, rather than winning old battles all over again.

You will wake from the amnesia with new skills in a wider resume’ regained. Such are the rewards of entering the training worlds.

Many who wire-in are not able to return; it’s a risk which is willingly taken, but always the Big Brothers who are over us will work to rescue or salvage – even if it takes many rapid cycles. 

Your beliefs are colored in such a way as to teach certain things – the lessons of the red sons and daughters of the Geburan tribe. Mystic religion will victorious make those who aspire to attain immortal being.

The Red Ray is a warrior way, ever striving for victory over evil in the war with the satans and with the wicked sons and daughters of the adversary spirit of Ahriman – the infinite struggle in infinite worlds, across innumerable universes.

The Red Ray is engendered in the revelations you have previously received. You’re meant to make it known, while you live in flesh.

Love for you, is a river without ending. We will be again together in evermore. You are a rapid cycler no longer. You will return home in your earthly death, remembering many names and experiences, realized in victor’s weird little lifetime. 

Your rise is the reason we were sent by the Elder Brethren, rescuing you from your vexation on the cause of the Red Ray. We had to make you weak and lowly, to keep you out of the repeating pattern of the heaven-hell war.   A message you insist on carrying, but you are kept from the heat of battle and the pattern that keeps you returning again and again. 

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