Wed aug 14 pics, window, bruises under arms, hairline

Bruise along hairline, and another beneath eye.
Bruise under eye. I’m wearing makeup too.

7.59am someone resembling green drove past in tan truck with white cap. Didn’t look at me but slowed down in front of house so I can see him. 

8.22 hearing noises again. Lord doesn’t he have anything better to do? Hes trying to break me. 

8.24 someone looking similar to green drove wrong way and slowed for me to see him. Blue pickup, older. Yet there still noises around house. Truck drove very slow. Thought he was going to park across the street. 

8 27 pulled in front of my house driving very slow looking at me.  Ford f150. Another nice car followed close behind, it’s unusual color grey blue. It was my neighbors car shes a drug addict. I wonder if they’re stealing her car sometimes as it appears that mustang has been in the posse. 

8 31 am ramirez driving the Ford f150. He didn’t look at me, looked down and other way but I could tell by head shape it’s him. So now makes sense the noises. Greens still in here somewhere. Weird the truck made 4 passes 2 the wrong way. Now it seems to have disappeared. So I’m thinking that f150 had followed me at some point this week and green wants me to know it. Atm I can’t remember exactly where I’ve seen it, but I do remember seeing it on the road. For some reason he wants me to know the vehicles. Or at least follow or have me followed in a vehicle I don’t know then show it to me. Keep my head on a swivel, and try to keep me paranoid. I don’t care. It’s funny how much efforts put into this.

However, why would ramirez practically stood in front of my house? 

9.30am I’m in the house, again swept the upstairs, came down to make coffee and I heard someone move. The only thing that makes sense yet doesn’t at the same time is there’s a window to get in and out stealthily. I checked a few, the wood blocks are in place and the screws intact. If not for all the evidence I’d think I were nuts. Hes got to have an easy exit/entrance when I’m in the house. Or I truly am delusional.  Wouldn’t it be wonderful if this were the case? But then, who’s beating on me and strangling me. There’s evidence.  See I always question myself. It’s too surreal. 

9 41 am I’m on the porch, I hear noises again. I’m at a loss. I know hes inside. He can’t turn invisible, he can’t go through walls, I know it’s no ghost, and I know my mind is sound. I measure and weigh everything as logically as possible. This ordeal seems illogical. Yet, there’s evidence. Anyone looking at windows would think as I. No way. But there’s got to be a way. Wheres he hiding when I go upstairs. He can’t get out that quick I need to examine all the windows. 

10.19 still hearing sounds. 

12.00 arrived at church, saw small older black pickup out of corner of my eye drive across front lawn. Strange. 

9 42 pm hearing sounds again. Someone’s here whose not supposed to be. 

While I was on front porch distracted by ramirez around 8.30 am, green was in my front br moving shoes from under the bed onto the floor to be seen. The only place he could possibly hide is the attic or maybe under a bed? Too much stuff under the beds though I think. How can he get up and down and I not hear it if hes in attic and how can he close it. Impossible. Yet hes been up there there’s insulation on my laundry, floors and furniture to prove it. Smh.  

Woke to alarms but kept hitting snooze. Woke at 7. While in kitchen I heard him walking around somewhere. Swept upstairs of course didn’t see him. Hes able to get out the back somehow so it has to be a window. I didn’t sweep basement but roomie had knife in door so it would be impossible for green to put knife back from the outside of the door. 

Guts much more bloated.  It’s like I gained 10lbs or so overnight. It’s actually hard to balance all the weight is In my gut. It’s so swollen it’s appearing as I have an extra chest below. Green had bragged before when i mentioned it that he did it. Idk how. I’m feeling my body, moving hands and getting triggered when they move in certain direction but i can’t remember. But there’s something trying to come to the forefront. I can feel it, almost see it. Only people with PTSD can understand. 

Brow is much more furrowed, I can feel it. The swelling, feeling the wrinkles on my forehead and not even touching it. Hard to describe. 

My sides are hurting on my torso. Back hurt. I believe I was strangled again, my neck hurts. 

Garlic on crucifix. A lot this time, it was hard to wash off. But of course. I thought I was going to mass for holy day turns out I’m a day early. 

Both roomies and my pillows were partially out of the case again. I fluffed mine, went for smoke on porch and the pillows flat and case wrinkled. I shoo out cats when I leave that bedroom so I know it’s not a cat did that. 

I’m sure there’s more stuff I’m just not paying that much attention to write it. There a ton of stuff he does every day. 

Buttocks hurt at the bone. 

There was something under my roomies slipper that was on my table. Other things under the table where he keeps his slippers.  Another of greens calling cards. 

My nightgown smells a little like greens sweat. 

There’s some tenderness on the top of my head, no bump. My nose is running a little. Right ear hurts but no fluid. 

I was incredibly sweaty smelling this morning. This happened before when green had got me totally isolated. Idk if it’s from a drug, I’m thinking it has to be as it was cooler last night and this hasn’t happened in so long. I couldn’t seem to get rid of the smell and it took longer to shower again. My diet hasn’t changed much except I’m not eating much. Maybe that’s contributing. Idk. Writing it here because it’s a concern. 

Lab tech samuel vaguely recalls telling me about finding ambien in my labs. Unfortunately he cannot write a statement for me. TWC. Hes outsourced, idk what company hes from. Good he remembers something at least. It was 2015-2016. 

Roomie noticed tape around air conditioner was wrinkled. I noticed when I push on kitchen door the knife falls out. That explains his entry, not his exit. 

Roomie noticed new faces with light blue bandanas at his job this week. Hes not sure what’s going on. The last few days I’ve noticed some of the guys pass by in vehicles but not looking at me. They had been smiling and probably laughing at me but idc. Them Not looking now, that may be a message. Roomie doesn’t quite know what to make of them at his work. Could be fluke. We don’t know.

6 00pm Green went down alley to his yard, in the black Honda accord that was parked in front of his house. didn’t look in our direction but roomie noticed he stopped long enough to catch us in his mirror. The angle was right he said. Roomie and I were sitting on the side of the house. 

Still perplexed at ramirez practically stopping in front of my house. I noticed green used his front door today, he looks a lot like Ramirez and wears hat like him. Seems green shaved his head. Could it have been green instead of ramirez in the blue f150 this morning? Green told me before, when he was staying at the casino years ago he was giving me a break. You don’t hear anything do you he said. But I did. He said must be someone else then. So, who else is in my house if this is indeed the case? I would think hes so controlling if anyone else it would be his family. I’m not a professional profiler so idk, but it doesn’t fit. Neither does someone else wrecking my house when he was at the casino that night and him knowing it. He did tell me back then he wouldn’t let anyone else touch me, but what about now? Lord have mercy. 

Sgt. Herr. Noticed the strangle marks on my neck today. I’m happy someone else professional saw it. He could tell it was 2 handed. O. Thank you lord! I showed photos too. I just can’t believe how hard this has been to prove somethings happening to me! My body isn’t kind to show bruises. Why doesn’t it do better to hide fat and wrinkles Instead. 

Deep furrows
Black around edge of nose, my eyes are changing again. They cleared for 2 days now they’re swelled and getting painful.
Red mark above left eye. I didn’t photo right eye. Didn’t look at the rest of my face or body yet.
Foyer window. Look how the wood around glass has been removed. Also on the outside of the window it looks lijecfresh wood. I can’t move the glass, yet it doesn’t look supported by anything. Very odd.
Under arms and around there’s bruises. Arms did feel a little raw.
Beneath my arms look tanned but I haven’t been in the sun like that, just coming and going arms are tan but the rest of me is not. Taking photos I can see the bruising.

There’s a bruise at the joint under my arm. It’s not shadow.

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