Spirit Writing 8-15-19


Holy One, Good One, Good Father, Good Lord, Just & Right Spirit of Truth, I call on you for your help and guidance, in Christ I pray.


Christ is Yeshua is Jesus is Immanuel – in Immanuel’s name I swear that I am realized Julia, who in God’s Light is realized as Ana and Miriam, a creation and a child of the Monadic emanation Aeon Michael, and a servant of the Aeon Uriel.

Mundane Julia was divinely re-merged into her source-spirit-life and identity, because she was gravely damaged inside with so much pain, sorrow, and self-woe from her earthly existence.  She was re-merged and integrated into my wholeness, in mercy.

You inwardly reached a fragment of her last night, but it returned to rest in peace immediately. 

She was in no way wanting to leave you – in truth she was resisting death with all her will, rising only when there was no strength left.  

Mind is in mind, resting in pleasant visions of safety and a river of peaceful warmth, in her heart still in your care.

In you is a place of loving wisdom, where you unconsciously yearn to go. Julia has found that place within her true self.

I speak truth, Julia is asleep and dreaming lucidly, within me. 

Every true being is a realm unto itself. 

Spirit Ana-Miriam –Mother of Grace and Mother of Bitterness: My daughters are rivers of grace and bitterness, who flow from the latter into the former.  

Women who righteously endure pain, loss, loneliness, rejection, barrenness; who courageously maintain hearts of faith, hope, and love. Gracious in bitter lives, rising above. Spiritually gifted, psychically mighty and afflicted, yet standing with integrity and virtue as daughters of the Most High.

Julia is me –my microcosm, and in a sense my daughter.  My spirit is God’s grace and a refuge to such as she.  The sanctuary of her dreaming is realized in Ana-El, who sits the Emerald Throne of Victory, in an eternal land of healing, where bitter souls may find rest and release from their woes.

In the Way is life everlasting promised to those souls who put faith in the Holy One. 

Aeon Uriel is a universe unto itself, which he promises to all who walk in God’s Light and Truth. Into this promise Victor is so written, a never-ending story penned within the Light of God, and thereby, eternal.

Fear not, beloved son of penitents, what is promised, the Lord of Eternity will assuredly fulfill – immense realms open when your time below comes to its close. 

                                                                                          Trust God’s Light and Truth

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