Thurs aug 15

6.30 am woke, right leg and back hurting. Elbows painful. Had hard time balancing, my right leg from buttock to toes hurt. There’s a little bit of bruise on my right knee on the outside but it looks more like shadow than bruise. 

6 40am Made coffee heard him walking upstairs. I did tell him hes afraid of me, you sneak out back door and drive by so I can’t talk to you. 

8.00am someones still here. Earlier I spotted ramirez driving a tan older rusty mini SUV. 

8.22am green drove tan truck with white cap past me. Hes wearing girdle, white tshirt. He stopped at the corner of alley and street for several seconds. My cars near there. 

5ish Ramirez drove tan and white truck to yard in alley but att van had him stuck in alley. I got plate. Short time later I was in kitchen thought I saw windshield over neighbors fence by greens so I walked over and ramirez was in a black wagon, didn’t get make but while I passed him and he passed me he shook his finger at me. I waved. Got plate. Didn’t check if it was our state’s plate though. He has a little hair looks black, I also thought he had black moustache but I can’t be certain of that. I was surprised how young he looked today. He and green are trying to look alike. Ramirez is greens hired double. I remember green told me that back when we were talking, greens afraid of getting killed too many people want to kill him I guess. Now that’s a shocker. Lord, I couldn’t make this up if I tried. There’s too many facets here. 

5.37 pm white fx4 pickup with white cab, very heavy driver in green shirt drove past. Seems it may be green because of the stomach. No girdle atm. 

Roomie mentioned the att guys there quite often. He believes a connection. Now that hes said something I remember seeing them alot too. Never paid much attention to it though. Now wondering why that guys there so much. He was on the pole in the alley earlier. 

Roomie happened to go by greens mothers after work and saw tow truck we believe is moving  stolen vehicles for green.  Jd towing, black tow gold fancy lettering on the side. We’ve seen it tow cars to and from greens back yard.  If I recall correctly there’s also a white tow with red lettering I haven’t seen in quite some time. Green has something to do with that company as well but I don’t remember the name of that towing company. The white and red truck drops off stolen cars in detroit. Idk where the black and gold truck drops cars off. 

Went to mass and take care of business, came home my front br smells like greens sweat. That sob did something to be able to get in and out of the window. Sigh. I’m never going to keep him out. 

Little toe on right is very painful from tip along the side. Both feet hurt. He wants me to fall. My knee gave out. I’m trying not to limp. I don’t want him to see how bad he hurt me. 

I noticed a scab at crown of my head last night. 

My entire head hurts. There’s a little moisture in my ear, but I’m not going to docs until it’s really bad to prove concussion. I’m not hallucinating yet but I’m nauseated and feel swelling in my head. 

Wheezing a little. Couphing a little.

My right leg at the joint feels like it was twisted, it’s very painful. Can’t get photo of back leg. 

My hands hurt. When I move them I can see a little darkness but doubt I can photo it. They feel sleepy. Wrists painful. 

There’s small scratch on my left arm, some skins poking up. 

Ankles feel raw. Very backs of my feet where the shoes would rub are red and painful. 

Lips feel chapped. 

Very difficult to pay attention. I want to just go back to bed. This has to be concussion. My foreheads hurting now 8.16 am. Tracking when I feel pain because it may prove some drugging. 

My torso again sore, stomach seems larger than yesterday and I lost a little weight. 

Face starting to ache. 8.19

Back of head and neck becoming very painful I’m tearing up from it. 8.19

He made little cuts in my fingernails too. Hope I scratch him somehow. I’m not filing them. 

Green must have heard my neighbor and I talking last night about cleaning up my house, and I told neighbor how difficult, with green always messing stuff up and having hard injury, being beaten in torso so it’s hard to bend, etc. Hes going to hire some people to help.  But today I’m feeling detached, don’t want to do much but whats new. Even when I felt better I’m still tired. I may be out when I go to bed but being tortured then im sure I’m not sleeping. 

Acne looking sore. There’s some dark discoloration near it too. I can see the swelling in my face and neck.
Coloring doesn’t do justice to the pain. It’s much painful than look.
Ankles a little red, foots bruised.

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