Fri aug 16.

7am woke. Same thing made coffee heard someone moving about, new pain back, neck feet. Roomie massaged back and neck last night shouldn’t hurt like this. 

Clothes dispersed on my br floor and stepped on all over so they’re flat. Insulation on them. 

I kept repeating what a coward he is while I was in the kitchen. I know he’ll get me for it. Good! This has to end somehow. 

8ish am green van with lots of stickers on back drove by.  Heavy man inside with bright green a little darker than safety green was driving. It has a red, white and blue ribbon sticker on passenger side rear beneath the rear window. 

15 min later the tan truck (I swear it was grey for the longest) with white cab, and white windows went past. Idk if it were ramirez or green, his stomach seemed compact yet I still heard sounds inside. 

10 min later the black Honda accord went by. Driver resembled green, his stomach was also compact. 

Between the time I saw the tan truck and the accord, 3 vehicles went by the only one I remember was a goldish van I was looking for, hadn’t seen it in quite some time. Green drove it often and I’d see it in front of my house a lot. This van has black handles, rusty now. EAS are the first letters of the plate. Black thin man driving. 

8.30-9ish noises stopped. 12.24 pm still no sounds. 

11.11am black ram f150 4×4 (thought f150 was Ford?) Drove past, tailing 2 other vehicles. The windows were up so it made me believe hes inside. A scruffy character I see a lot was driving one of the other vehicles. Very short dark blonde, scruffy goatee no hat. Another vehicle had average black Male, short hair, also scruffy goatee. Many of them have scruffy goatees. Helps hide appearance, makes one wonder about person’s identity and if many have scruffy goatee, the observer may seem more crazy to outsiders right. 

12ish pm older, dark blue sun faded chevy car drove past with same man wearing the bright green tshirt that drove a different vehicle earlier. He was smoking a cigar has short brown or blond hair, heavy, round face, looks to be in his late 20’s early 30s. Blonde woman with long curly hair was in passenger. I don’t mean to be degrading but thinking about her looks, she resembled a Male. Her face was heavy. Question: could it have been green or another Male disguising, or was it indeed a female. She was attentive to my front yard, so maybe she is a she after all?

2ish pm in shower, my curtain moved. Is he actually coming in? About 5 min. Later, I heard and felt a thump. Waited for curtain to move again, it did not. 

3.50 roomie walking home, he spotted green in grey van with medical symbol and green was driving. Green pulled up onto curb to get back onto sf. To evade roomie. 

Around 4.10 I spotted green in the black wagon drive past. About 15 min later black dodge ram drove past, roomie thought it may be green, shape fits. I spotted a ball cap and head shape, looked like green. 

8 00 pm my roomie walked down to the corner with a neighbor, I happened to see the black dodge full size ram going down lab. It Almost got to corner and turned on the curb to go up my street and drive past my roomie. I asked roomie if he happened to see the ram, he got a good look at green, I figured it was green the way he turned and i got confirmation.  I forgot to ask roomie if green was wearing wig and/or fake moustache today. 

Garlic oil on crucifix. 

Garlic oil on basement door knob I washed it off @ noon. Roomies  notice the garlic as well. 

At some point between 5 and 9 pm, green came into my home and left more garlic on the knob and pushed up the tarp in the cat room. I think he got inside while roomie and I were on the side of the house as I began to smell the garlic real strong outside. I can’t know for certain but that’s what I think. Where he got in is anyones guess. 

Noticed a few guys on bicycles with light blue Gatorade attached to the rear of their bike. Recalling green would get upset at me for drinking light blue power aids when we had booths at the trade center. He did tell me it was a gang symbol and I shouldn’t have it. I couldn’t see connection at the time. A drink? It wasn’t a bandana after all. One of the guys was the black man at 4300 next block over. Hes got to be in his mid-late 40s. And joined a gang. Lord have mercy. The other was a white kid, a man but young sporting a goatee.  

Lawn mower won’t start. Roomie just fixed it 2 weeks ago, it ran on first pull. I know green gets in my garage, the knobs pushed in. Can’t prove he broke my mower. But he claimed to do it before, when we were friends, so why would it be different now right. 

I haven’t spotted the few guys I recall seeing with green at the trade center recently. Wondering if they just don’t come around or even better maybe they’re in jail for something. That would be best scenario. 

My elbows very painful, knees not so bad today. In fact there’s hardly any pain at all in knees. My back especially lower back is very pained. My wrists also very painful, hands painful. My right thumb at the joint at times aches. Shoulders at joint ache. My arms are swollen. I can feel swelling in my back. I can see a little darkness around my wrists but the swelling is uniform, getting a photo near impossible. I should photo anyway and maybe there can be comparisons made. But I didn’t take photos when it wasn’t swollen. I should have. I know that. I just didn’t. Now it’s too late. I will continue getting larger everywhere and no one will notice but me. People will believe, as I once did, that I’m merely gaining weight. I shouldn’t be. 

I’m noticing as well my pores on my body especially face getting larger. Compare to photos taken in February and March of 2019, and photos taken prior. The pores were large before I went to homeless shelter, during my stay they healed. Now I’m back to what I looked like in December and January and previous months. Unfortunately I did not take close ups when I was at the homeless shelter and it can hurt my claim. Unless someone with eye for detail would compare I’m kinda screwed.

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