Sat. Aug 17.

Woke a few times during the night. This sounds we freeird I know but my pillow was mashed down all around making it uncomfortable for my head. I tried to fluff it, its mashed down pretty hard. It wasn’t like that before. woke up, my torso and back very painful. I could barely stand. Noticed right away laundry I separated yesterday was mashed down around my bed. However, the laundry that’s usually next to my bed was not flattened this morning. While I laid in bed when I woke up at 9,  I heard him walking around. I made coffee then tried to clear the upstairs. 

9.33am still hearing green or someone in the house. Roomie has day off, hes not moved since I’ve been awake, hes on the couch. 

Back of my head and neck hurt, along both pinkies there’s pain, my ankles and feet hurt. 

9 35am still hearing someone inside I’m on the porch. Sounds like the front bedroom. 

10.00am seems noises stopped several minutes ago. 

10.44 I heard some sounds again. Cripes, he was still here or coming back. Smh. I really wish the dx were real! I feel I’m losing it. Doesn’t make sense…..

11 58 am dk blue Corolla sun faded old just passed with Male driver female passenger. 

4.00pm garlic oil on doorknob. Roomie swears it wasn’t there earlier, I didn’t smell it until he came into the living room From the basement. We think possibly he used front door while we were upstairs screwing more screws in windows and we couldn’t hear him. I definitely didn’t smell it on him earlier.

4.40pm roomie spotted green driving tan and white truck. We have company. Greens definitely checking up to see who is here. 

Many cars driving by, I’m certain many are gang related but the suns in my eye at this time of morning 9am I can’t see whose driving. All I caught  was a bright green shirt. Would anyone reading this believe me? I’m having difficulty and I’m living it!

My right knee feels raw, my bathrobes rubbing against it and there’s a raw pain. It’s a little red but not significant enough to photo I don’t think. My ankles are red and raw feeling. Baby toes are red again. 

Last night roomie saw something on my face it wouldn’t rub off. It began to hurt. I finally looked at it and it’s a small cut right above my lip. 

See the dot? It’s a cut. Necks still swollen I wanted to photo it not swollen. Roomie said it looked normal yesterday. I should have snapped a pic. Someone on fb gave me grief about the swelling neck the other day, I wanted to compare photos. They said it was age. Sigh.

Dark line on neck is shadow from window. I tried to see if I can catch anything different especially around jawline. Would a delusional person admit a shadow? I really don’t know.
Toes red and a little raw feeling. Photo doesn’t do justice to the redness.
Rt foot, knuckles of feet really red. Slight bruising on foot. Unfortunately a little difficult to discern.
Left foot notice the redness around joints and along baby toe.

I actually dreamed last night, first time in a long time. I went to bed late, woke up a few times. No way could I reach rem. No way I got 4 hrs of sleep steadily.  I was sitting in my car at a busy intersection, in this dream and somehow had a police radio. Or my phone. It was both and phone turned to radio, vice versa. I was waiting for someone to drive by to follow. I was me just doing what I do, not a cop so even in my dream I wondered why I was holding a radio.  The desk sgt. Kept repeating an officer’s name, and emphasized corporal. Kept saying it over and over. I’m writing this because it may be significant, idk how. My belief is green was repeating to me. The rest of it had to come from my imagination. So I’m wondering if green made corporal? Hes been on a recruiting spree the last few months. There’s lots of new faces, mostly black men. 

Throwing this out there, as it fits this surreal feeling. Wondering if hes given us hypnotic and convincing us it’s not happening. Ya I know how hokey this sounds, but there’s got to be reason I struggle so hard every morning even looking, smelling, hearing and feeling evidence that someone did something. 

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