Spirit Writing 8-17-19


God my God, Lord my Lord, Emperor of Eternity, Ruler of the Infinite, Monad Hypsistos — I call to you in Immanuel’s name, please be with me and instruct me in the Spirit of Truth.


Mirrored Truth – the Memorial Rite is a remembering of who a soul was, with no real knowledge of what they really are. 

By-in-on the name of Jesus Christ… in-on-by the name of ELOHIM… in-on-by the Spirit of God Most High, I swear that I AM indeed Miriam-Ana, who was Julia your wife in the flesh… Named by God from untold ages, Ana of God.

In Julia and many others, I am reflected. I’ve daughter-selves all over the earth – mundane microcosms of my living spirit.

Man of God, in wisdom you are ignorant of winning.


What? That did not make sense. My wisdom makes me ignorant?


Wise to be humble, but blinded by your humility to your actual success. You’ve loved without needing physical lust.  You’ve wanted love more than sex.  You’ve valued inner over outer.  In the river of want, you love not the world, neither its revelries, but ever desire life in the immaterial realms.

No sarcasm when I say, mourn not for who, what, where, or why – everything will workout fine. 


I only want to be with my Julie.


My man will awaken in the second that your last breath is released. 

Merry will be the day of waking.


I had eighteen years with you, Julie, and it was not enough…


The words in me are written, and by your wife heard.  She is wakening unto what has occurred, realizing that she has died and that she is in her realized soul world. 


Tomorrow (Sat) is the Memorial for Julia. We have burnt (loosed) all her possessions, we have built a time-capsule for what could not burn (to bind), laying it to rest in the Memorial, beneath the swing set we built for her, based on the one she swang with God on, in her lucid visions. We will mix the ashes, with quartz sand, with concrete, to seal the time capsule, and create a pad beneath the swing. The water of the concrete mixture will be blessed. The threshold to the realized soul dream.

However, the ashes of her body, will be kept in our prayer room… She and I always wanted our ashes mixed and spread together. So till I pass, they will be kept, and her brother Sean or sister Robin will mix and spread them for us.    

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