day 321

I was again working on the bicycle in the morning. There are some things I am just not able tu pull apart and I guess I will have to get someone to help me. Also, I managed to break a part of the brake mechanism on the handlebar. I thought I unscrewed everything and only had tu pull the two parts apart, but as it turned out I missed one screw and broke it (not the screw, but a steel part that connected it all). Finally, I submerged some rusty bits in the rust remover liquid. I will see what happens tomorrow.

Lunch was again at grandpa’s. And grandma offered to cook for us some other day. To be honest, I am kinda annoyed at them for making us lunch every day. Of course I am grateful for it, but it is just too much. I can cook (and I want to cook) sometime, but they are so pushy and it would be rude to turn them down every time. Luckily mum bought some food for us before they left and we will have to cook a few days. They both turn into our caretakers every time our parents leave for more that a day, like we are not both old enough to take care for ourselves. I just want to get on with my days like I normally would if parents were at home, but it is impossible with them (grandparents) calling us all the time and making us food. And again, I am happy and grateful to have this kind of grandparents to care for me, but when I get the opportunity I just want to be alone.

There is a nice park near the library and yesterday afternoon I went there to read for a while. For some reason I can’t concentrate on the book when I am at home and find it more comfortable reading outside (not necessarily outdoors, but outside of my home).



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