Sun. Aug 18

6.20am woke, found some things out of order. Laundry wasn’t mashed again but it was stirred and items were spread, example a shirt’s sleeves were spread out over the laundry letting me know someone messed with it. His entry point has to be downstairs. Either main floor or basement. Main floor has screws in windows. Even though back door is usually barricaded with butter knife, I’m thinking he has a way to get in there. I just don’t know for certain. Nor do I know how to secure it, there’s so much play on that door frame from being pushed into the house. I’m sure he used that door last night one of my old roomies came over and both roomies used that door so it wasn’t barricaded. 

Last night green arrived home taking the alley he was driving tan and white truck. There were a few people on the side of the house we were having a good time with old roomie and I heard green clashing and banging the fence when he was opening it to out truck back. He was angry for some reason. 

Did laundry the other day noticed my newer worn only handful of times cami I wear under my church dress is stretched and raggy looking. Why green does this idk.  ..


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