Mon. Aug 19…

6.30 am woke, heard some slight sounds after I made coffee and came on the porch. Noticed a vehicle in front of greens with headlights on. I knew it was he. When the truck passed, the blue 4×4, the windows were up and tinted so I couldn’t see inside but i know that truck I doesn’t have daytime running lights and the sun was coming out, bright enough not to need light . And he slowed down a little in front of my house. No positive Id  but that’s something he does. 

Before truck started the noises stopped. 

Garlic oil on crucifix. 

Tmi-tummy extremely painful, rear painful.  Waste in throne larger than normal, nothing abnormal except the size. Sorry. Have to note it. 

Seems several vehicles have driven past with lights on. Some I can id as belonging to the gang. 7.45 am and they still have lights on. Just watching the parade. 

I’m feeling very sick, very tired. I need to get to doc’s but I don’t want to drive myself. I have unusual swelling in my torso including my back I showed pics yesterday. My gut hurts and I’m nauseated. 12.46. 

1.30 pm silvery light blue newer looking  expensive 2 door car with black tinted windows parked across from greens, in front of apartments. A hispanic Male roughly 5’6-5’8 muscular build, clean cut, short hair, light skinned definitely Hispanic coloring came from greens and retrieved 2 medium sized duffel from passenger side and went into greens house. I cannot tell if he was the driver or if there’s someone else inside. Cannot see make of car unfortunately. I think as long as I’m watching I won’t see the guy leave to get better description of car. If it’s what I believe it is, then they are getting bolder. I’ve not noticed anyone deliver like this. Never recall seeing this vehicle before.  At least I know greens not inside my house he’d want to do the deal himself, though to hide his identity he may have his double ramirez do it. He would be near listening and barking orders and within reach of an escape should things go sour. He’d leave everyone else to fend for themselves I believe.  Hopefully I’m wrong and hes got more heart than that. 

No wonder he didn’t stay in my house and he did come back when I was preparing to shower, I heard something. But still don’t know how he manages it. He left me a sign. Just one that I noticed. 

Posse driving by, only one I recognize is the older black man who lives a street over in his own white truck. 

2.30 pm. Older green jeepy looking vehicle drove up next to the car, man on rollerskates wearing red hat, long blonde hair, thin, scruffy beard, rode by drivers side they opened door so I wouldn’t see the man getting into the car. However, the Hispanic man opened his trunk. So I still saw him. He then crossed the street and drove the black odyssey van behind his car and put items in the back. The heavy woman with long brown hair came out to help. A neighbor across the street from the car also came out to fool with his vehicle. The Hispanic looked panicked moving back and forth. The woman pulled up the hood of the odyssey probably faking car trouble. The man continued moving items while the woman blocked view of neighbor. I was trying not to be seen but I’m sure they knew I was watching. The man drove off while I was writing and deep inside my house so I couldn’t get make of vehicle. This is very big! There’s a lot of product moved into that house and van today. 

Red hats? Who are they. I’ve seen a few with red hats. Green wanted my city hat it’s also red. Where does this color fit in? Greens also worn a red hat. 

6ish pm Spotted some black men in red extended cab, they were wearing black and red. Bloods? I’ve seen them a few times. Roomie saw them twice in the past 2 weeks. When I saw them I thought maybe they were some sport game colors. I had hoped anyway.  But that was before today. Seems the guy in passenger back seat is the same one I’ve seen before. All 3 of them are heavy set, the passenger back seat had a round face. Wondering if every time there’s a big deal going down if that’s when they come around. Greens people are buying it from somewhere. Omg this is huge! Why am I still alive? Maybe my mouth and fingers gave me insurance and roomie too. When something happens, I’ve got some descriptions, etc. here. 

Is that what the red hats mean….they are doing business with the bloods and wearing red as a signal to them? Idk just throwing it out there. If so green has brought a situation into this city. Bigger than we’ve had in a long time. I’ve seen green wearing red hats often the last several weeks. They may be scoping out the territory. Idk if green’s group has always done business with them. I don’t like it one bit. 

Sidenote-greens been on edge the last few days clanging, slamming and yelling. He was today too after the deal went down. Do wrong, it doesn’t make you a happy camper. 

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