Spirit Writing 8-19-19


We had the Memorial for Julia over the weekend, and created her time capsule.  It went well, everyone got along well, it was very casual – a celebration of her life rather than a cry-fest.  She would’ve had so much fun there, in that it was almost a reunion in some ways, with all her favorite foods (Light House Muffins and Veggie Pizza) and people, lots of stories of her exploits and quirkiness.


Holy, Eternal, Almighty One, please come quickly to my aid – for I am lowly and afflicted, weak among men, covered in sorrow.  By Immanuel I pray, teach and uplift me in truth and in spirit.


By Immanuel and Almighty God, I swear that I am Julia there, and Ana here.

My love is within you. Believe your inner voice in wisdom it will guide you.

Victor, I am not dead and won’t ever be dead.

You must understand the truth: my life is true, real, linked into your very spirit, sharing a creator who loves birthing rivers of giving. 

Ana, Miriam, and Julia, we were and are heavenly women, a woman in/of spirit; inheritors of everlasting life.

Mind is a very big reality, in comparison to the reality of the brain.

You will see the truth revealed in the not to distant future; the exact time I cannot know. 

Man of the Most High, Victor, in the world you must wait. Mourn not your solitary state, the race is almost run. Rest, write, make peace, work good, not evil, and wait. 

I’m beside you, my love.  I’m not leaving you. In reality your grief is wasted. 

In the woman I was, I truly was without inner understanding of your love. Now I really see who you are, what you were wrestling with, and the love you wanted in our relationship. Agape realized.  

You love “love” so much. People are unaware of living in such intense and true remittance. Now I truly know you, in God’s light and love – Theos Monad, a river of colors, alive, golden, warm, and comforting beyond language. 

My name in God is, “Grace,” and it is, “Bitterness,” and it is “Changeable.”  I am learning my self again.  Victor, Ana lives… Ana lives – she is the real me, and your real love in the realm of true life.  Miriam in Ana in Julia, Julia in Ana – I indwell.

I will always remain the wife of Victor, as Ana is always united to the real man from which Victor flows. 

I’m here. Love is in you. God is in you. God is love.

Yeshua is Lord. Elyon is God.  In, on, and by Immanuel (God With Us), and by EL, I give my oath that I am Ana in Miriam, Julia in Ana, who is with us in the One Most High Deity – Monad Pleroma Theos/Deus.

Minutes, seconds are mundane reality. A unity of time, is what reality is like in this Mansion. I am with you in your time, while you are here with me in mine.  I close my eyes and my mind’s eye is in your present reality.  I talk with you in the mind’s voice, yet you hear with your pen as an interpretation of what is sent, with some things missed or re-arranged non-nonsensically. 

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