Now that i got accepted in the university of my dreams, i honestly find no point in life! i know people say that university is the start of something beautiful and that it builds up the person, gives hope and a meaning to ones life. BULLSHIT!!

All i think about is my shitty ass life. Funny cause to some of u i might sound like a complete brat but i mean come on don’t judge a book by its cover!

I mean i am still obseesed with that man, i know he can never be mine and i will never be his but it doesnt hurt to dream, he resently said that we should cut all means of communication between us for fucked up reasons… maybe not so fucked up, he might be right but it doesnt mean that i am okay with it. IT FUCKING HURTS! All i wanna do is end the damned pain, i dont care how just end it! 

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