day 324

Clannad After Story is very different from the original series. Original show lasts for one semester, while the after story takes place in a much longer time period. Although it begins with the next semester, their high school graduation comes by very fast and it concentrates more on the lives after high school (getting a job, university…). Something the show mentions and depicts often is the changing of everything as the time passes. New buildings being built, their friends doing their own thing, even themselves slowly becoming adults. It manages to present growing up and adapting to the adult world very well. I remember thinking the same way when I finished secondary school and started university. The original series is still very innocent and childish, while the after story emits a completely different, more serious, vibe. And this is exactly how real life is. After secondary (high) school life becomes a whole lot more serious. This difference between the two seasons is what makes the show good, the way it manages to accurately present the transition to adulthood.

Yesterday I went through the ‘read journal’ tab on this website after a few weeks of not following it and could not find a single entry by an ordinary person. Ad next to and ad next to an ad. The whole page was full of advertisements. What has happened to this website? Aren’t there any moderators to monitor the content?



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