Wed aug 21… woke, garlic oil on crucifix. Made me nauseous again. 

Made coffee heard definite footsteps, cleared upstairs.

8.20 am Went on porch for smoke, green van with many stickers on back including red white and blue sticker ribbon on passenger rear drove up close to my curb and practically stopped it was going so slow.  Then the tan and white truck followed looked like green. I was still hearing noises. I know it sounds nuts, but I believe someone was closing up the area green exited. Still trying to discern where steps where coming from. I went upstairs and cleared it of course nothing. Went to smoke and after hearing more loud sounds, then softer ones, the vehicles paraded in front of me. Someone else is closing up the exit. Someone else knows how to get into my house. Would this someone else harm me? It sounded also like chipping sounds like someone using metal on cement. Lord have mercy.

9.30-10ish am heard more sounds like someone’s walking or trying to get inside. I was attempting to wash dishes, they are slimy feeling from oil. Idk why he makes everything I do so difficult. Then, how believable is this right? Who would honestly believe someone breaks into a house multiple times daily to do such things? I have difficulty believing and I live it every single day. 

11.32am no noises for about 1/2 hr. Or so. 

Heavy woman lives at greens left in blue odyssey van carrying large purse. I rarely see her with a purse. Its brown.  

10.30-10.46 parade of gangsters going by. Why idk. There’s been quite the traffic since I posted on fb the bruising, etc. It will be more difficult to catch him now. Plus hes on recruiting spree. 

8.27 posse been moving, lights on and it’s not dark yet. Many vehicles. I can only Id one person. Been like this about 1/2 hr now. 

Pain minimal but I took an arthritis med last night because my head hurt so bad. I do have pain around my midriff in a circle, around back to front. Thighs are a little weak. Burning sensation on skin in on the back of my neck where I’m developing a strange hump. 

Took shower, oil in tub and in shampoo bottle caps. Oil on shower curtain. Its sticky when wet and slippery of course. My hair as soon as I got it wet feels damaged and dry to the scalp. It was so greasy the last 2 days from green. I don’t know why it would be dry like this. I lost a lot  more of hair today during wash, condition  and combing. Setting pattern. 

Bra smells like garlic oil. This hasn’t happen in long time, an old abuse resurrected. 

Shirt just washed days ago oiled and smells. Again, something hes done in past he didn’t do for awhile. Setting pattern. Shirt also has fine dirt on it so when I smell it, the dirt goes in my nose. Nothing new, happens frequently. It really reeks though. But I can’t try to change probably everything I own smells. 

Feeling disoriented moving very slow. 

Greens aware I need to go to doc’s, so I believe hes not hurting me as badly. I actually asked him the other day when I felt really bad to have one of his guys take me. Lol. Green or someone was inside at the time. Hes not been knocking yes lately. 

Made it to docs. I’m hoping green won’t hurt me tonight or in the future.  I was followed. Lol. Expected it, kind of glad for it today I feel so crappy. But if something happened, what would they do? Just watch, report to green? Would they help or even call for assistance or let me be. I know I was followed I was doing 40 in a 55 and when I slowed, unintentionally, he got further behind and stayed behind for a bit until another vehicle followed. I’m not in the mood for games today. I’m very sick. 

My passenger tires a little low. A green thing, its happened to my vehicles ever since I’ve worked at that place I met him. The tires kind of bowed out, hard to explain. 

Bought a dress at meijer, I’m sure it will be stretched before I get to wear it to church. A shirt I plan to wear underneath of course has been stretched, he even does the sleeves so I look slop. Idk why I buy clothes, I never get a chance to wear them before he mangles them. Have to wear sport shoes because he cracks all my joints, feet hurt and swell periodically. I can’t wear nice shoes. 

Oil in freezer, all over ice maker. He broke the ice maker years ago, he even told me he did when it quit working. I got it for my friend Marcia, she loved her ice. And the fridge was on sale, very good price. My first brand new major appliance. He bent the plastic in it. Hes so damn mean for no reason. 

Roomie saw bruise on my chin. It hurt when I touched it. 

Still feeling sick. 9.00pm I didn’t tell doc, I can’t see any bruising around my torso how would he see it? I can feel pressure, pain and nausea. 

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