The Five of Wands – Sham

The Five of Wands – Sham 

My daily tarot pulls have been so inline with my thoughts. I can totally understand how this card jumped out of the deck today! 

The other evening I reconnected with some old friends. I enjoyed their company and for the most part we all seemed to have a really good time. These were guys from my neighborhood that I haven’t hung out with since high school. I’m currently fifty so it’s been awhile. 

Our lives had all taken different directions and each of us, myself included, come with our own unique line of “karmic baggage” … In between jokes and laughter and reminiscing about old times, I couldn’t help but wonder… Is this where I’m supposed to be? In a way, I guess I questioned my friendship with these people in the past, thus stepping away from a group of rather close knit friends. This line of thought continued throughout the evening and upon waking up in the morning. 

This morning I got to work, put on some coffee, then shuffled the cards for my daily tarot pull and meditation. For most of the morning I’d been thinking about the reunion with my old friends. The tarot always has a way of showing us what we may already know. As I shuffled the cards one seemed to jump right out of the deck like they do from time to time. I’m one of those people that believe when this happens it’s an important card and will use it in a reading. It was only one card that popped out and landed face down so I decided that would be my daily pull. The card was the 5 of Wands. 

 Five men seem to fight on the battle field with sticks. Although you’re not sure if they’re fighting or playing around. The sticks don’t seem to make a connection. Nobody appears to be getting hurt. If you look closely at the placement of the sticks the men could be creating a pentacle out of them with the placement of the last stick. 

The five of wands is a card that tells us things may not be what they seem to be. When it appears in a reading it shows a need to look at the situation good and hard. It often indicates some sort of deception, or sham. It may also suggest a need to question the intent of the people around you. 

I find it more than interesting that this was the card that jumped out of the deck for my morning meditation and daily pull! 



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