Thurs aug 22.

6.30 am alarm went off I smelled garlic immediately. Again it made me nauseous. Slept in. Did notice my feet hurting. My sides and hips hurt. Neck. 

When I went back to sleep I woke to him kissing me, I couldn’t move and could only see part of his cheek. I tried to open my eyes to see more, I tried to move but couldn’t. I could feel his tongue in my mouth, then something cold was in my mouth.  Idk what.  Then I woke up around 10. 

I noticed a cut on my thumb. 

My room smells like garlic. I smell like garlic. It’s in my hair too, the chain was oily around my neck. 

My robes been stretched more, the fabrics coming out of it. 

Feeling nauseated again. Eyes hurt. 

Tmi—very loose stool. 

Eyes so swollen there’s been deep depressions on my forehead. The dots around my eyes getting worse too. Side of my nose looks red.
Dirt on my laundry. Whatever it is, I think it’s coming from attic, its sharp and sometimes in my tub so it pokes my feet. Sometimes in my shoes too.

Look carefully for whitish symbols. There’s a face, and a cross with rays

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