day 326

As usual, I was watching Clannad in the morning.  The episodes I watched were really sad ones (no spoilers), so much they made me tear up. I am not much of a cryer, I do not even remember when was the last time I properly cried, although I have shed a tear or two on my grandma’s funeral, but this show is so good at making you feel things I could not help it. The series always hits just right, evoking the little emotions I have and making me feel feelings. It is kind of refreshing having definitive and strong feelings like that to be honest, because I have not felt anything that strongly in months.

Contrary to my expectations a few friends of mine and myself managed to make a plan to go to dinner before I leave. At first they were talking about their holidays and I found myself not caring about their stories at all. But it got better and it was genuinely one of (if not) the best day this summer. We talked a lot and I really enjoyed the dinner. After finishing with food we sat in the restaurant just talking for two more hours. Two guys said they will be going on a vacation with their friends and there were conversations about how they have been going out, doing stuff with their friends and it was a sour reminder how they have other friends they are closer with, while I have no one. But still, I did not let that kind od small detail ruin my evening and I had the best time in months.



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