Spirit Writing 8-22-19


I always begin by cleaning myself, followed by outer and inner prayer, and a written invocation, and bring the divine light down into myself, visualizing reaching out to the Supreme Being. All operations are done in a sacred space, where I do my nightly prayers and worship.


My God and Lord, Eternal and Holy One, I pray for your guidance and help, in Christ Yeshua’s name.


By the name of the Mono-EL, which you call YhWH, ANU, and EL-ELYON, by the Light of God and the Christ, I AM.

By the holy names of the Monotheos –ELYON, YHWH, ELAH, ANU, ATEN—in Uriel, Michael, Raphael, Gabriel, Immanuel, I make my vow, that I am the name/spirit, the inner wisdom of Love and Truth, the Spirit of the God the Hidden Light inside.


I was feeling very tired as I got through just the first part of this.


Man of the Monad, energy taxation is from fixation on the work of mediumship, not my doing.


I closed my eyes and asked for God to strengthen me and felt my energy rise.


Interlinked are many entities who’ve communicated with you –Anu, El, Uriel, Uriah, the Christ, the Monadic Spirit- writing in my inner wisdom, Immanuel, God within you.

Ana was a woman in elder Jerusalem, in the time when Yeshua was upon the Earth, who prophesied about his coming when he was but a mere boy.

Miriam was a woman who was a prophetess among the ancient tribes of Israel, the sister of mythologized Moses. Ana and Miriam are one spirit, which was also in your wife Julia; thus, within the spirit of Ana-Miriam is Julia also. This is spirit of the women of living water, which flows from the eternal throne of the Transcendent One.

In name, this is the Wisdom of God. NOT the wisdom of gods, goddesses, the goddess, or of mankind – but of the Divine, Holy, Everlasting Mono-EL.

Mundane wisdom is nonsense to God.

Miriam-Ana-Julia – sister-souls of Mother Wisdom; these are the daughters of God among humanity. Only a few in each generation who are in the likeness of the prophetess, the Oracles of the Most High.

Yet, many are the daughters by other mothers, in the likeness or spirit of Mary, or Sarah, or Deborah, or Ruth, or Rachael, or Leah – women who walk in the image of heavenly life, truth, virtue, and divine light.

In reverse, however, you know well the daughters of Jezebel, Salome, Delilah, Semiramis – daughters of their mother, Babylon, who is also called Lilith and Ishtar and Astarte, and of their father the “Un-Spirit,” and “Un-God.”

Such are the symbolic names for aeonic and archonic expressions, personality types, and patterns of identity, holy and profane, ascendant and degenerate.

Julia is Miriam and Ana and St. Julia, and every childless visionary of the One God.

In like kind, you live in the pattern of “En,” and “Tanittum,” a sage, scribe, monk, and mystic – symbolized in the Hermit card, and the age-old idea of the cave dwelling seer. Uriah was a reclusive prophet who was killed, his ministry unrealized.

No man is perfect in himself. Men are given grace from above, lest none be born into heaven.

Imminent is world’s end. This is inwardly known in the collective unconscious of humankind. It must truly occur.

The old, women, children, the infirmed, will suffer most; while evil men will murder, rape, and pillage the weak, and righteous men will rise in violence or perish.

Nine of ten will the rain of heaven’s wrath reap, in various endings.

Manifested Judgment is very near, imminent; the mundane world is winding its way into an inevitable pit of ruin.


I don’t like such prophecies, don’t like putting them out there, because who knows, and “near” or “imminent” is subjective – spirit beings don’t see time the way we do. When in spirit form (astral form) for instance, when you look at clocks, or books, or any written material, it can appear jumbled, foggy, or like jibberish.   Their world has its own languages and numeric systems, empathic-telepathically based. I am putting it out, only because of the Biblical concept that someone who receives a warning, who does not share it, is thereby held to be guilty before God. I must assume that the Spirit giving the message has in mind a person they want the message to go to.

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