Missing the trees for the forest

So one of the things I struggle with is muscle tension and I have tried many many things to solve this problem. I recently had an insight. I have been asking the question, “why do I have this muscle tension problem” and I would think of it in terms of all the problems I have had and expect to have in the future. Then I realized that the question I needed to be asking is “why do I have the muscle tension I have right now?” That is the only thing I can really do anything about and is the only thing I can really investigate. It’s quite funny how the mind tries to sum everything up for all time (which is rather impossible) rather than investigating the only thing we do have access to, which is what is happening right now. I think the biggest reason this is problematic is not because it’s unproductive (which it usually is) it’s that it keeps us from being able to do the work that is productive.

So when you have a problem, for a change of pace, don’t try to solve the whole thing (i.e. past and future all at once). Instead just try to see how the problem is manifesting right now and investigate that. Why is “that” occurring, and ask yourself “what can I do to improve the situation now?”.

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