My Life is A Rollercoaster, But A Contradicting One

I am only a teenager. I am under a lot of stress. I try and try and try to get people to understand where I come from and to explain myself, to those who deserve to know. I have good times and bad times. But the bad times are coming more. I cannot fathom how much stress I take, I just need to break myself and rebuild myself…but I have such a hard time doing so. Just like a majority of the American population, I have a hard time letting go. Most likely due to an absentee father. I believe that having both parents (regardless of relationship status) is very much necessary in making sure your kid has the potential and the motivation to fulfill that potential. Especially if the whole family is living at the bottom of the socioeconomic status…pyramid..whatever you call it. But if you only have one parent, and even then, that parent is…”noncompliant” with you, you really don’t have anyone to count on. Which is exactly how I feel. 

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