Sun aug 25..

Didn’t make mass. Woke up, felt crappy went back to bed. Garlic on crucifix. At 6.30. I didn’t hear 6.15 alarm go off until 6.30 and I went to bed around

9.30am looking out kitchen window greens driving the black hatchback. He made certain I would see him. He slowed, almost stopped and looked at me. I’m not afraid of him anymore. I just want to talk to him. But he will always run. 

12ish, someone resembling Green pulled up across the street from his house in the same black car its bugging me I can’t remember the model. He was dark skinned, compacted  body like a girdle and limping a little. Hes wearing what appears to be very dark red clothing and dark hat. He moved slow and deliberate. Even opening the door with his key, he took a long time, seemingly letting me know hes around. He wanted me to see him it seems. Maybe it’s a signal I can speak to him, or maybe its bait to cause me to think so, so he can play his little game and run out the back. Or let me know if I try to rest again I won’t be able to, as he’s around and I’m being watched. 

2ishpm talking to neighbor across the street, ramirez drove past in the black car. He was wearing the red clothes but didn’t look as compact in the gut. Though, arms seemed thinner both times I saw the driver. Ramirez wasn’t limping when i saw him closer. 

After ramirez passed me, the grey blue dodge ram passed.  A long blonde haired man was driving, blue eyes. I was on other side of street so I got good look. His face was round with just a little cheekbone and chin slightly dominant. Fair skin. He had a passenger but I couldn’t make him.

Next the grey van with medical symbol on it passed. Older man, very short hair, ball cap, little bit of beard he hasn’t shaved for a few days driving alone. He had a safety green vest on. What’s the deal with the safety green? I’ve seen a few of them wearing it. Posing as workers perhaps? What else are they into? Grand theft auto, drugs possible guns, goes with the territory, home invasions, there’s something bigger yet as far as the thefts my guts telling me but I can’t prove it. I need my own posse. Lol. 

6 30pm smokey grey dodge charger lights on passed, tinted windows couldn’t make driver. Following a beat up white truck with some grey on passenger side panel white man, that’s all I got sorry,  next the silver van the rear wiper blade hanging  down, black man with long braids pulled back, hes a little large, I see him a lot. An off white car I see a lot of can’t get make, tinted windows couldn’t get good look at driver too many passing by. It’s a very unusual color so it’s very easily spotted. Silver car passed, again can’t Id model. Its newer. 

6.50pm Tannish silvery car, 2 black males, passenger nodded at me. Dark blue hat, short hair.  Will he be the shooter. Some nod, some wave, some smile. Some try to hide, they may be wanted I’m thinking.  I’m friendly I’ll wave back if I catch them in time for them to see me wave back. 

7 06pm black man, very short hair wearing tan and green fatigues rode by on a pink or red motor scooter. Tan and green are the colors of liutenant in greens gang.  Makes me wonder who he is. I’ve seen him before. Have no idea if hes connected or just passing through. 

7.08pm older silver car with dented passenger side and black female, a little large build went past. I have spotted this vehicle many times. I’m wondering always why is green having these vehicles and people parade past me all the time? I’m not intimidated in the least, I think it’s funny. It’s making me a bit dizzy trying to keep up, but still funny. 

I’m seeing many females in the gang vehicles. The black ram had a black female, long straight hair, curled at the ends, lots of makeup. Again, a round face. She went by before ramirez did around 2 pm and she eyeballed me. 

My head is terribly stuffy, so is my cats. Baby hasn’t been snoring until this morning. I can barely breathe through my nose. My face hurts, back of head and neck very painful. He did my feet again, especially baby toes.  I’m nauseated. So tired. My eyes hurt especially right eye. It has a burning sensation. My necks tender. He strangled me pretty good it feels like. I can barely talk. He hasn’t done my vocals in awhile. He did them this time. As day goes on my voice has returned. I think singing may be out of the question however. 

My brain feels like its falling asleep. 

Ears are ringing. 

Tmi-waste larger than normal. I believe there was assault but if he’s connected as I believe there’s no point in getting another kit. Doubt hospital would do anyway. I’m a diagnosis and coming in with crazy story, I was drugged, don’t remember anything, o and I have bruises you can’t see in this light only I and my friends see them at home, etc.  Well that’s a ticket to the nut ward right. I have pictures……doesn’t matter there. 

He twisted my ankles and did more to my feet than just baby toes. Also got my knees. My buttocks are painful and my thighs hurt to walk the stairs, I feel a little weak. Idk if hes punishing me still for being with Danny the other day or he just wanted to hurt me. I’m his prisoner again. I’m a little dizzy and disoriented. Maybe he’s mad I let roomie drive the car and the tires messed up. He wants to see me get stranded. He likes to watch when something goes wrong. Then again idk how bad he hurt me last night before roomie left for work. I was tired and kind of disoriented this morning or I would have gone to mass. 

My laundry soap container is once again oily. I guess he doesn’t want me to have clean clothes. Who would believe this shit. That’s the point though right. 

My bathroom laundry had so much dirt and debris on it I picked handfuls off the floor. Should have taken picture. 

I have bruising on my back again, little bit on my arms and legs. don’t feel like taking photos. 

Idk if I’ll feel any better tomorrow. I have an appointment and I need to get to welfare office for my insurance. If not I’ll have to pay for it. My workers not the nicest I’ve ever had. She could pro-rate it but she won’t. I wonder if shes on greens payroll. Lol. 

I need sleep. I never get to sleep because of the torture and abuse. I haven’t been eating much and that of course makes one feel Ill. I’m so nauseated and my gut is so large and a little painful. Some disorientation, etc could be from lack of nutrition but I just don’t feel like eating. 

Just a note–the days before, during and after the deal went down, there was an old man, grey hair, average build it appears from his facial structure whom I’ve seen before. Hes always in the back seat passenger. Whenever I see the Bloods, I see him. Idr if he were with the bloods at any time or not. There’s always 3 others in the vehicle with him. He looks like an old biker dude. Can’t remember if its extended cab or some sort of jeepy type vehicle. It sits high like a truck, and there’s room for 4 in it. Could have been suv, idr. Wish I would have paid more attention. It just dawned on me I’ve seen this fellow before and there was a lot of traffic and I recall seeing the bloods at the same time. 

Days are getting shorter, that gives him more time to get into my house. He seems to be here quite a lot regardless. 

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