Spirit Writing 8-29-19

Note – the written invocation is often short, because I always begin with prayer, reaching out to God inwardly, and drawing on the Holy Spirit/Divine Light, pulling it into myself, and channeling it (visualization) into pen and paper. Moreover, if the Spirit uses capital letters in the writing, I render it that way in typing it up, and try to be true to the message. Yet, Spirit does not use punctuation, and so that is added in, according to my understanding of what was said and meant (felt).




My witness in truth and wisdom is URIEL.  

Spirit-time is not material-time. 

By the name of EL ELYON, in Messiah Yeshua, I write my oath. By Jesus Christ and in Yahweh-EL my vow I give, that I am the spirit-river of Uriel, son of EL ELYON and the river of God’s Light as truth and wisdom.

I, Uriel, have immortalized the woman, in light and truth, the wife of my microcosmic self, whom you call Julia, and I call Ana and Miriam, who minsters to you, Vemael.

There are many men who walk in the archetypal way of URIEL, or Michael, or Gabriel, or Raphael, etcetera.  Such are as sons (microcosms) of God’s sons, who reflect the righteousness of their way-fathers.

It’s not about religious affiliation, but personality; the totality of living thoughts, words, and actions.   The realm within each man’s inner nature determines his archetypal master  — in other words, “his inner god.”

Deeds, influence, impact, affect – what one says and does, is service to an inner ideal, which is the idol or image within of the god of the true heart.

If one is a worshiper of truth, or love, or war, or lust, or of nature (for nature too has its archetypal animalistic or elemental lords), it is by the primacy of your thoughts, words, and actions, your willing and doing, that your true god/master is known to you.  In example, if one is fixated on obtaining ever more money and material possession, then by this you know that the inner deity is called Mammon.

The “Un,” or “Anti,” is the Master of the true sons and daughters of the way of the unnatural, unreal, unright, unmind, ungood, unlight…………..

Ministers of ELYON work in the will and word of Most Highness — ergo, are fixed on a transcendent, ascendant, high minded, lofty vision or ideal of self and the world.

Uri-EL is not Lucifer, God’s light is not the light of ego. The River of Divine Light is not Self-Light; rather it is inflowing from the Most High. 

A Man of the Most High is not superficial or elemental, neither carnal, worldly, nor elite in the animalistic sense of human measure.

(topic switch abrupt) In mourning the mundane wife, you find a vision of heavenly union.

You are unhappy in the world of materialism, flesh, and vulgar form. It is the reality of the right, true, and mystic being which calls to your innermost. Eternal life, immortal realms — such is your inmost hope and hunger.  Eternity is your aspiration, that which rules as the inner master.  In the mythological sense, “Aeon,” and “Aeternitas,” the Old and Ever Young.

In angelic archetypal image, this is the Uriel, who ever stares into the Limitless Living Light, seeking illumination in wisdom and truth. In the Hebraic, it is EL OLAM – the Eternal God and God of Eternity.


Is Julia still with me?


O Yes! Julia, as always, is viewing you, waiting in the light of God, watching, and witnessing to your heart in subconscious whispers sent from her soul-sanctuary within the innumerable eternities of the infinite collective unconscious of the multiverse.


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