Spirit Writing 9-6-19


Went in to spend time with Julia in the prayer room, that is to say, I went to spend time pondering her and trying to talk to her in auto writing. I meditated on The Light, and began to sing to God and Julia songs that flowed from my heart.  The room became paranormally active, with little sparks and fleeting movements, and wisps of something akin to white smoke drifting over me. Then a small white speck, like a tiny flying bug, kept flitting around me, but upon closer observation it was a tiny mote of smoky white illumination.


God the One God, the Hidden God, the Supreme Deity, the True Parent, by your love and grace, in Jesus’ name, in your truth and spirit, teach me, free me, lift me, and fill me.


By Yeshua the Messiah, Immanuel, in the name and power of the Most High, EL ELYON, Ana-Miriam and Julia the wife of Victor am I. I am with you now. 

You are in wisdom’s revelation.  By intense inner pain is a human remade, reformed, shown the mirror of veracity.

The right mind realizes what really matters. Wise is running after revelation, yet love is what is of most value and what must, in fact, remain… remain… remain. 

Monad (The One) wills you now to watch more and say less. Rush not to always share what wisdom reveals, with those who will not receive what is meant for wise ones. 

In the All-Being rivers of living light flow. Rivers of mind and spirit, not of matter, bring inner renewal.

Victor it is righteous to want eternal life over material life.  Mankind lives in a ruined will, a world gone wrong, fallen into terrible error, awful vulgarity, willful rebellion. 

Victor, into your wife’s river is woe flowing, from your soul in agony. 

Men often grieve themselves to death, when their wives die. Inner pain will weaken the physical vessel. 

Men run their figurative races for women – the approval of women… the favor, love, pleasure, companionship of women.  

Women run races with rewards of home, provision, protection, and children in mind – summarizing as self-gain and fulfillment most prominently. 

Victor wants no children, and more strangely, you want a woman to run her race for the same prizes you seek – love and eternity.

Man of the Most High, your want is immortality: immortal love, immortal worlds, immortal being. Yet not as a drone, neither as a shade, nor as a prisoner on the wheel of mnemonic repetition. 

The Monad will the moment reveal-not, until immortal man wakes within the mortal mind of Victor.

Immanuel is God In You. Immanuel is the universal ministering spirit, always calling sentient life forms to God.  In wisdom the voice instructs, counseling humans to reason in ascendant and eternal ways, rather than navigating by instinct and temporal lusts. 

I am Uriel

I am Anu…

I am Jesus…

Ana-Miriam is me also. 

Julia was a manifestation of my love, grace, and aid in the world of form. 

I am that I am, with you always.

Now you wait to rise, with terrible anguish wracking your soul. The urgency of a desperate despairing want for a woman’s warm maternal care. The hunger to be nourished by her constancy, her unwavering presence, her positive acceptance and regard. And in this frenzied needing, unrequited in your current condition of separation, you turn away from your image (idol) unto invisible companions once again… Turned from a bond of flesh, to a connection of spirit.  Immanuel.

The immaterial renewal of the woman, Julia, is the wholeness of self – she is in me, I in she, one spirit, one wholeness of ME.

The real woman is within me realized, as both an individual identity, and as a part of an eternal wholeness of being, now mindful in the hierarchy of selfhood.

The man of the Monad will rise, when the earthly mindset is sufficiently aligned to right minded wisdom. Mono-mind is my mind. Yin and Yang, made in union, you will reach her (Julia) and again mirror each other’s manifest will to remain immortally wedded. 


As stated in another post, I receive these messages with a technique called “auto writing,” and I type them out as given, which often comes across as what I call, ‘Yoda Speak’. With the auto writings, no punctuation is given, and conjunctions are often absent in the original form, which I then add in when typing the messages here.

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