Dear Tiffany, 

Dreamt about you again last night. It was very strange. You were very hard and mean. I woke up very defeated. It was a very weird dream. You were babysitting noah and had all your kids with you at my house while I was out on the road on a tower job and when I got home you wouldn’t let me in and wouldn’t leave. I don’t know how the hell you have ended up filed under “mean person” in my mind all of a sudden. It is certainly not my conscious way of thinking about you. At all. I guess I just miss seeing you. I was in traffic yesterday and saw a cab and I thought about the last time I ever saw you. Standing by your car in front of MT in the dark. I blew the horn in the cab to you as I pulled around the corner. Shit  that’s two years ago next month. 

I hope you are doing great. Feeling strong. Hope you aren’t bitter and mean. I truly do. You’re heart is too big and too wonderful to harbor feelings like that. 

Noah is doing fantastic. Running a 4.0gpa so far in tenth grade. Running track. Working at McDonald’s. Has a fantastic older girlfriend. I’m so proud of him. 

I think about you ao often. We just finished a three day 2am-10am live broadcast on our powerhouse AM station at the Great Reno Balloon Race. I went in pretty lackadaisical about it but it ended up being fun and really pretty and cool. Wished i could have shared it with you. The kids would have LOVED it. You would have too. It was really cool. 

I hope you have a fantastic day and I’ll picture your lovely smile and sparkling eyes and send you prayers for strength and peace. 



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