I’m bad at updating

I’m bad about updating. 

It’s September and I’m back home until the end of October. Then I’m back in the US for a while. I want to move quicker knowing that Hadley is pregnant, again. I hate being far away and knowing we lost the last baby when I was here. I thought the loss of my dad and my accident was tough. No one prepared me for the loss of an unborn baby.  Mom says moving to America would do me some good and that Hadley needs me more

It’s like 7:00 in the morning and my mind is everywhere and I’ve been talking to Hadley most of the night. She likes the night more, I guess I can sleep when she sleeps today. It isn’t like I have much more to do until later anyway. 

The trip to America last time was fun at least. It was my first American Independence Day. I even ate gross McDonald’s we don’t have McDonald’s here in Iceland anymore. It’s crazy that Hadley and her friends took me to McDonald’s just because we were both hungover the next day. I think McDonald’s made me puke more than American alcohol. 

I’m not going to be eating McDonald’s anymore trips to America again. It’s okay! I can’t wait to go back to America. 

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